J Prince Denies Rumors of Threatening Offset & Being Arrested

Houston-based music leader and pioneer behind Rap-A-Ton Records, J Sovereign, has answered bits of gossip coursing via virtual entertainment that he was captured for undermining Migos part Offset. The unjustifiable charges emerged in the midst of a continuous quarrel between the two men following the unfortunate demise of Departure, one more individual from the well known rap bunch. Counterbalance excused the bits of hearsay, marking them as “cap ass s###” in an Instagram remark.

The bits of hearsay were purportedly begun by music chief Wack100, who later denied having any contribution in spreading the misleading data. J Sovereign, who is regarded in the music business, has been associated with different high-profile fights throughout the long term, yet he has denied any contribution in the continuous debate among Offset and the Migos.


In a new video posted on his Instagram page, J Ruler should be visible sitting by a pool on the West Coast, ignoring the bits of gossip and kidding about his “prison cell.”

“Individuals are lying professionally. They really misleading you all for living,” J Sovereign said, censuring the predominance of phony news. “Be that as it may, as may be obvious, live and unfiltered and fabulous, this is what my prison cell resemble… They can keep me here every minute of every day. I’m great! Be that as it may, it’s a lovely day.”

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The rapper was shot and killed at a Houston bowling alley in November 2022, with police later capturing a man named Patrick Clark for his homicide in December 2022.

At this point, there is no proof to help the gossipy tidbits about J Ruler’s capture or any danger he might have made against Counterbalanced. While the fight between the two men proceeds, J Ruler has encouraged his fans and adherents not to accept all that they read or hear, accentuating the significance of truth checking and decisive reasoning.

Who is J Sovereign? J Ruler, whose complete name is James Sovereign, is an American music leader, advertiser, and pioneer behind Houston-based record mark Rap-A-Ton Records.

He is viewed as a trailblazer in the southern rap music scene and has been instrumental in the vocations of numerous effective hip-jump specialists, including Scarface, Devin the Man, and the Geto Young men. J Sovereign is likewise known for his broad local area work, magnanimity, and undertakings past the music business.

He is generally regarded in the hip-jump local area and has been a strong figure in the business for quite some time.