Jacob- Bebe Chers, 46, and Ionut-Valentin Boboc, 22, were arrested for the Double Murder


The two slaughterhouse laborers, Jacob-Bebe Chers and Ionut-Valentin Boboc are claimed to have tormented and cut two men to death prior to tossing their bodies like butchered pigs. Ionut-Valentin Boboc age 22, and Jacob-Bebe Chers, 46, are at present being investigated blamed for the twofold homicide of Denzil McKenzie and Fahad Hossain Pramanik.

What Did Jacob-Bebe Chers and Ionut-Valentin Boboc Did? The court heard how the casualties were “ruined” and remains were found at 56-year-old Mr. McKenzie’s home in Bristol, and had been spread out in a “grotesque style” in the lounge.


The men had been wounded on various occasions, with a portion of their horrendous wounds looking like methods the abattoir laborers would have used to butcher creatures, a jury in the Bristol Crown Court was additionally told.

Opening the case for the indictment, Stephen Scratch KC likewise said on a September evening last year the two respondents, who are both of Romanian identity, visited the home of Mr. McKenzie. Boboc had routinely acquired cash from Mr. McKenzie at times as a trade-off for sexual blessings, and the indictment says he “deceived” his direction in the evening of the homicides.

Mr. Pramanik, 27, was obscure to the two litigants and is supposed to have been in an unlucky spot. While inside, Mr. Mark said the pair “mutually” caused different cut injuries.

“They abandoned them a scene of loathsomeness, the dead and disfigured bodies of Denzil McKenzie and Fahad Pramanik were left in the parlor of that house. “The two men had been wounded more than once while attempting to shield themselves.

“Denzil McKenzie had 23 blade wounds – the most serious of these to his neck – and there were signs he had been tormented by the curse of extreme torment with cuts around his eye, on his eyeball, and a cut on his big toenail.

“Mr. Pramanik was betrayed somewhere multiple times and midsection. “His body likewise gave indications of the purposeful punishment of torment and languishing. “As you will hear, the bodies of the two men were additionally mangled after their demises.