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Jamal Hijazi is a young student from Syria. He and his family gotten away from battle in Syria and moved to the UK to begin another life.

Nonetheless, life in the UK was not in the least he had envisioned. He figured he would be protected, however he and his sister were exposed to harassing at their school.

Jamal said they were singled out in light of the fact that they were unique. He stood out as truly newsworthy after a video of him being harassed at school became a web sensation.

Jamal didn’t need the consideration at all. The matter raised after Tommy Robinson blamed Jamal was the guilty party all things being equal and harassed a young lady at school.

Afterward, Jamal sued the guard legal counselor Robinson for criticizing him. Proceed underneath to know more.

Jamal Hijazi is at present in the news after he won the argument against Tommy Robinson.

Jamal was an understudy of Almondbury Community School in Huddersfield. He was tormented at the school by his kindred understudies.

In 2018, a video of his being tormented coursed via online media, which pulled in a ton of consideration.

The frightening video showed Jamal being snatched by the neck and moved to the ground by another kid. The kid then, at that point poured water over Jamal’s face.

Jamal expressed it was not the first occasion when he was tormented. He had been tormented a great deal of times prior too.

In any case, his standing was additionally discolored when attorney Tommy Robinson blamed Jamal for harassing a young lady at school.

The young lady’s mom later denied Jamal tormented her. In any case, the harm was at that point done.

Jamal and his family needed to move from Huddersfield to another area after he got dangers. Because of this, he couldn’t sit his GCSEs.

Jamal Hijazi’s present age is 18 years of age.

He was 14 when he moved to the UK with his family. Nonetheless, his exact birth information is absent from the web.

Jamal Hijazi’s dad’s name is Jihad Hijazi.

He additionally has a sister. Be that as it may, his mom and sister’s names are not known at the hour of distribution.

Tommy Robinson lost a slander case documented by Jamal Hijazi.

Mr. Robinson asserted Jamal was not guiltless and claimed he harassed a youthful school at his school in a Facebook video.

After the young lady’s mom said Jamal did nothing incorrectly, Tommy erased the video and said he was hoodwinked by a phony record.

Be that as it may, Jamal got dangers due to the thing Tommy said about him. His family was additionally put in danger.

Consequently, Jamal sued the English Defense League originator for criticizing him.

On July 22, the court conveyed the choice in support of Jamal and requested Robinson to pay him £100,000 in harms.