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The 26 years of age nurture, Juliana Ramos was helping a harmed individual when she pulled over. A passing vehicle then, at that point, hit and killed her, then, at that point, drove off in February around 12.20 a.m.

The police and her family have been looking for the one who was in the driver’s seat that day. At long last, following quite a while of looking, the driver have been distinguished as Dr James Comazzi from Sonora.

Dr James Leonard Comazzi is the one who was associated with the quick in and out instance of Julian Ramos on tenth February in Fresno. The evening of tenth February, Ramos was driving on Highway.99 close to Manning Ave.

Reports say that she went over an accident between a big apparatus and a Hyundai Elantra. She pulled over her vehicle to help the harmed driver who has experienced significant wounds. She was unexpectedly struck by a red Ford Explorer when she was remaining close to the open driver-side entryway.

The driver ran away from the area abandoning her without calling for help or clinical help. Police, then, at that point, offered a $1,000 award for anybody with the data prompting the capture of the offender.

They referenced that the driver of that SUC quickly stooped by and strolled around his vehicle for quite some time, got back in the vehicle and run away from the area. Following eight months of thorough looking, the police got a tip from the Valley Crimestoppers who distinguished the executioner as 68 years of age James Commazzi.

James Comazzi has been captured for quick in and out. The warrant was given on Monday evening. The CHP educated that he gave up himself at 6 p.m. at the Fresno office and was arrested with no further difficulty.

As per news sources, Officer Ryan Muraokoshi said that he was helpful when he was arrested. He added that they attempted to ask him yet he conjured his Miranda rights to a lawyer and denied any further solicitation for a meeting.

James Comazzi will deal with the indictments of lawful offense quick in and out and vehicular murder. He is said to have paid a $15,000 bail sum. Nonetheless, until further notice, he has paid 10% of the sum for example $1050 and was set free from authority.