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Who is James Hooke Macquarie Group? Learn everything about Kate Thornton’s beau and his Wikipedia! Another light has shown up in Kate Thronton’s assault case. Interestingly, Kate’s ex-sweetheart, James Hooke, has unveiled that he has some key data with respect to the case. Moreover, the police are taking care of the matter autonomously.

Jame Hooke is the overseeing overseer of Macquarie Group. James Hooke is the ex of late Kate Thronton. As of late, he was distinguished as a vital observer in the Kate Thornton assault case. It is claimed that James had conversations with Kate in 1989, one year after the assault obscene occurred.

Hooke additionally had a discussion with the supposed attacker, Christian Porter, in 1992. Moreover, Christian and James fundamentally discussed Kate and the assault occurrence. Notwithstanding, Hooke has not definitely uncovered the matter of the discussion.

James Hooke isn’t highlighted on the Wikipedia site. As per his wiki, James Hooke age is 49 years of age. He went to the University of New South Wales and sought after a law degree (1989-1994). Additionally, he filled in as the CEO of Macquarie Atlas Roads from 2018 to 2019.

Hooke was designated as the MD Macquarie Group in 2007. Additionally, it is assessed that his organization has a Net Worth of $5 billion. Moreover, James was additionally engaged with Hawaii Gas, Macquarie Infrasctur Corporation, and Atlantic Aviation in past.

In February 2021, charges began surfacing that Australian principal legal officer, Christian Porter, had recently assaulted a lady. As per the reports, Christian Porter assaulted Kate Thronton when she was 16 years of age. The occurrence occurred in 1988 during a secondary school banter rivalry. Shockingly, Kate composed a long letter and took her life in 2020.

Then again, Porter has totally denied the claims. Furthermore, the case is as yet being scrutinized. Nonetheless, James Hooke’s passage into the circumstance has carried another viewpoint to the matter.