Jane Thompson Murder – Killer Arrested After 38 Years

After just about 38 years of being cold-case, the police at long last shut the case on Jane Thompson’s homicide and unexpected passing.

With progresses in DNA testing strategies, Edward Morgan was eventually captured on a capital homicide allegation connected to the deadly cutting and s*xual attack of the young lady.


Through these new advancements, a fair outcome is at long last given for Jane giving comfort to her family, who had gone through over thirty years considering what precisely befell their girl.

Thompson’s body was tracked down behind a stockroom on Irving Street on February 13, 1984.

Her case went cold for quite some time until the Dallas police resumed it in 2009 and tried male DNA. Be that as it may, there was no match, and the case went cold once more.

In 2018, a criminal investigator from the Dallas Police cold case unit resumed the case and started working with the Dallas Region DA s*xual Attack Pack Drive (SAKI) group to attempt new kinds of scientific testing strategies. After two years, the FBI joined the group to assist with recognizing Thompson’s executioner.

Specialists presented the obscure male DNA profile for measurable hereditary lineage examination (FGG), which utilizes genealogical sites to recognize possible family members of a suspect in view of DNA gathered at a crime location. A similar innovation was utilized to get the Brilliant State Executioner.

Through FGG, Edward Morgan was recognized as the suspect, and DNA testing affirmed for the current week that he matched the unidentified profile from the swab taken in the 1984 dissection.

Morgan is at present being held in the Dallas Area Prison and appearances one count of capital homicide. His bond is set at $500,000, and it is hazy assuming that he has held a lawyer.

What has been going on with Jane Thompson? As per the Dallas Morning News, Thompson was a hopeful model who worked at a flower vendor’s shop and a café.

She moved to Dallas around a half year before her passing in the wake of living in Houston and Los Angeles.

Thompson was most recently seen two days before she was found dead, taking a transport to a clinical facility that ended up being shut. She was choked with her own leg warmers.

The case was tackled through cooperation between Dallas police, the FBI, and the SAKI group said Dallas Region Collaborator Head prosecutor and SAKI Boss Leighton D’Antoni.

“Cooperating, we keep on settling the most troublesome virus cases that Dallas has at any point seen,” D’Antoni said. “I anticipate working with all our nearby policing to use the headways in measurable testing methods to recognize, capture, and arraign the most perilous hunters tucking away among us. We never at any point disregard these cases, our casualties, and their families,” D’Antoni added. He added that the case was one more illustration of how progressions in criminological testing strategies are being utilized to recognize, capture, and arraign risky hunters.

After the capture, Thompson’s sister Selena Tomasello posted a montage of family photographs on Facebook, composing that specialists “found the person that killed my sister quite a while back.”

She likewise posted a few messages about her sister throughout the long term, remembering one for 2014, marking a long time since her demise.

“Mary Jane Thompson, you are adored and missed. I’m sorry I was not there for you when you really wanted me.

I genuinely want to believe that they find the one who killed you quite a while back so you can find happiness in the hereafter. Love you sister – tear,” she composed.