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7-years of age Jaslyn Adams was taken shots dead at McDonald’s drive-through. The dad of the young lady, Jontae Adams was likewise harmed. Jaslyn Adams was a 7-year-old young lady who had a truly splendid character.

Her family members say that she adored moving, making TikTok recordings, and McDonald’s. She was at a McDonald’s drive-through when the shooting occurred and ended her life. Jaslyn Adams was shot dead inside her vehicle at McDonald’s drive-through in Chicago Homan Square Neighborhood on April 18 in the late evening.

The police announced that the injured were taken to Stoger clinic at 4:15-4:30 pm, where the young lady was subsequently articulated dead. There were around 40 slug marks everywhere on the Infinity Sedan vehicle that Jontae possessed. A lady had shouted that an infant had gotten shot as the police worked around there.

Name Jaslyn Adams
Age 7
Gender Female
Nationality American
Parents Jontae Adams
Siblings 3

Jaslyn Adams had been shot in any event multiple times being the reason for her passing. In the mean time her dad, Jontae was shot in the middle. Jaslyn and Jontae were a couple of father and girl who were up to speed in the shooting.

The young lady died in the wake of supporting various wounds while her dad was dealt with and is accounted for to be fine at this point. From what we know up until this point, Jaslyn lived with her mom and had 3 different kin and would once in a while go out with her dad.

Grandma of the young lady, Lawanda McMullen uncovered that her child, Jontae had called her hysterically, expressing that they had shot his infant. Presently the auntie of Jaslyn, Twany McMullen said that her own 8 years of age won’t go out, dreading they would get shot.

Besides, the lamenting family miserable that little Jaslyn would tenderly be classified “Pinky” because of pink being her number one tone. There has been no suspect up until now. Consequently, nobody has been captured at this point. The police presume that it was identified with a pack and the shooters might not need to know the Adams by and by.