Jason Ritter family: Grandfather Tex Ritter, grandmother Dorothy Fay, father John Ritter, mother Nancy Morgan, stepmother Amy Yasbeck, brother Tyler Ritter

The 43-year-old Emmy-selected star comes from a long queue of fruitful specialists in the field of singing and acting
Jason Ritter is hitched to Melanie Lynskey
He is the child of John Ritter and Nancy Morgan

American entertainer and maker Jason Ritter as of late gotten serious about liquor addiction when he initially started seeing his ongoing spouse, Melanie Lynskey. During his appearance on the Drew Barrymore Show, he drilled down into his battles with liquor and the amount he adored his significant other.


The 43-year-old Emmy-designated star comes from a long queue of effective craftsmen in the field of singing and acting. Here is the family background of Jason Ritter.

Tex Ritter

Tex Ritter, Jason’s granddad, was an exceptionally well known entertainer and vocalist from the mid-1930s till the 60s. He was viewed as a trailblazer in American blue grass music. Born on twelfth January 1905, he originally appeared in films in a film named Tune of the Gringo. From that point, he continued to show up in 70 movies and 76 soundtracks. His tune “The Ditty of High Early afternoon” won him an Oscar for Best Melody in 1953. He was one of the establishing individuals from the Down home Music Affiliation, Nashville, and was remembered for the Blue grass Music Lobby of Popularity. Because of his colossal progress in the recording business, Ritter is likewise important for the Hollywood Stroll of Popularity.

Dorothy Fay

Dorothy Fay, Jason’s grandma, was born on fourth April 1915. She was an entertainer and had studied acting at the Regal Foundation of Emotional Workmanship in London. Dorothy wedded Tex Ritter on fourteenth June 1941. The marriage endured till 1974 when Tex Ritter died. Together they had two youngsters Thomas and John Ritter. While she started her profession by featuring in B-grade Western motion pictures, she before long featured inverse George Houston in Outskirts Scout, gathering consideration. She likewise featured in four movies with spouse Tex Ritter-Rollin’ Toward the west, Tune of the Buckaroo, Rainbow Over the Reach, and Twilight on the Grassland.

John Ritter

John Ritter was Jason Ritter’s dad and Tex Ritter’s child. He has won renowned honors, including a Brilliant Globe and an Early evening Emmy Grant for his job as Jack Traveler on ABC’s Three’s Organization. After his commitment to TV, John Ritter showed up in 100 films, the most outstanding being Issue Kid. John Ritter wedded Nancy Morgan, an entertainer, and together they had three youngsters Jason, Carly, and Tyler Ritter. After the couple separated in 1977, John Ritter wedded entertainer Amy Yasbeck following three years on eighteenth September.

The couple was seen featuring together in Issue Youngster. Ritter would die on eleventh September 2003 of aortic analyzation while practicing for his part in Disney’s “8 Basic Principles… for Dating My Young Little girl”. In 2010, Yasbeck and the John Ritter Establishment (JRF) made the Ritter Rules, which are side effects to remember which help perceive and forestall aortic analyzation.

Nancy Morgan

Jason Ritter’s mom, Nancy Morgan, was born on first April 1949. She is an American Entertainer and the niece of John Morgan, who was an honorable decoration carrier during his activities in WWII. The couple co-facilitated the Unified Cerebral Paralysis Pledge drive with her significant other, John Ritter. They co-featured in motion pictures and element films like Americathon, The Visionary of Oz, and Heartbeat. Nancy Morgan featured in Excellent Robbery Auto close by Ron Howard. Morgan and Ritter separated from following 19 years of marriage.

Amy Yasbeck

Born on twelfth September 1962, American entertainer Amy Yasbeck is John Ritter’s subsequent spouse and Jason Ritter’s stepmother. Her most critical job is in the sitcom Wings, where she assumed the part of Casey Chappel. In the film Sprinkle, As well, Yasbeck played the personality of a mermaid. Throughout the long term, Amy Yasbeck showed up in various shows and movies like Issue Youngster, Dracula: Dead and Adoring It, The Veil, Beautiful Lady, and some more. After the death of her better half because of a serious condition, Yasbeck sued the clinic he was treated by virtue of misdiagnosis prompting his passing. During a preliminary in 2008, the medical clinic and specialists were gotten free from any misbehaviors.

Tyler Ritter

Tyler Ritter, Jason’s brother, was born on 31st January 1985. After a short profession as an educator in Argentina, Tyler got back to Los Angeles to seek after a lifelong in acting. He made visitor appearances in shows like Dark’s Life systems and Present day Family. He stumbled upon the opportunity of a lifetime while featuring in the sitcom The McCarthys. He likewise had a visitor appearance in a Julia Roberts-coordinated series named Homecoming.