Jazlene Jones GoFundMe: Fundraiser launched for Wisconsin teenager shot multiple times over breakup


26-year-old Rashawn Jones was killed in a supposed deadly shootout on January 3, 2023, at around 11.17 pm neighborhood time. The School Station Police Division trusted the shootout to be essential for a “designated home intrusion.”

Police have confined one of the three suspects they accept to have shot Rashawn. The justification for the deadly assault on Jones is at this point unclear. Three concealed men were seen on observation film remaining external Rashawn’s Southwest Expressway home conveying guns.


A GoFundMe pledge drive has been coordinated to raise assets to meet the 26-year-old Texas man’s burial service costs and to give a monetary guide to his mom, Angie Wortham. The pledge drive expects to raise $7,000 and has raised more than $450 as of now.

Rashawn Jones, who was considering to turn into a hair stylist, was supposedly killed in a rough home attack where he was shot. Police have recognized three suspects who shot him dead and ran away from the area, however just a single has been caught. The awful shootout occurred on January 3 at Jones’ home at the Expressway Circle Condos on Southwest Road not long after 11 pm.

Reconnaissance film caught three men wearing veils remaining external Rashawn’s home and thumping on the entryway. Police have put out an announcement that says,

On Thursday, January 5, 2023, the police gave a “Be watching out” alert for the three suspects, one of whom was as of late captured. Censear Solomon, 17, has been recognized as the suspect caught by police. A homicide warrant was given for him, and he was portrayed as “equipped and perilous.” At 5.15 pm on Tuesday, December 10, they arrested him. Police are currently searching for the two different suspects purportedly engaged with the homicide of casualty Rashawn Jones.

“At the point when I heard what I had found out about him, I attempted to call him. I thought it was phony and could barely handle it and attempted to call him three or multiple times, and no answer.”Authorities are attempting to find the two different suspects
Rashawn, who has been known as a “model understudy,” was enlisted at the Cutting edge Stylist and Excellence Establishment. He likewise supposedly fantasized having his own undertaking. His educator Jessica De La Cruz told KBTX,

The police are yet to find the thought process behind the deadly shooting, yet trust it to be a “designated home intrusion.”

A GoFundMe page has been sent off to raise assets to meet Jones’ burial service expenses and give help to his mom, Angie Wortham. Out of $7,000, the pledge drive has raised around $475. The post has depicted Rashawn Jones as a “cherishing father, brother, and child.” It said,

“He went to Present day Stylist and Excellence Foundation; he adored playing his PS5. Rashawn generally had big fantasies about claiming his own business. With him being taken from us unexpectedly early, we are requesting gifts towards his burial service cost.”
Specialists are attempting to find different suspects, while Rashawn Jones’ family grieves his misfortune. It is indistinct whether Solomon has held a lawful delegate for his benefit. He is accused of homicide and an obligation of $150,000 has likewise been given in his name.