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Jean Kim is an American political lobbyist. She is notable in New York for campaigning top government officials around there. In any case, she has as of late approach for rape that happened almost 20 years prior.

Jean Kim’s age is accepted to in her 40s. Kim is an inhabitant of New York, United States. Moreover, Jean Kim’s family nationality is Asian. Nonetheless, Jean Kim’s Wikipedia page isn’t accessible for the time being.

Jean Kim is Scott Stringer’s Accuser. As of late, Jean Kim has approached as a casualty of New York mayoral competitor, Scott Stringer’s rape casualty. Reports propose that Stringer contacted her improperly in numerous taxi rides. Similarly, the occasions happened twenty years prior.

Kim met Scott, harking back to the 1990s. In like manner, she was additionally engaged with Stringer as his public backer mission assistant in 2001. Jean Kim’s total assets yields favorable luck starting at 2021.

Jean is the head and proprietor of JeanKiminc Strategies. She is serving in the organization since 2018. Aside from this, she is likewise a previous Standup Comedian. Jean Kim is a lobbyist for a long time now.

Beforehand, Jean was a Government Affairs expert for TLM Associates Public Affairs Firm. Additionally, she has a four year college education in broadcast news coverage and Political science from Ohio State University.

Jean Kim’s better half subtleties are ensured until further notice. Then again, Scott Stringer keeps up that he and Jean had a relationship, harking back to the 1990s.

He expresses that the relationship was consensual. Moreover, he prevents every one of the cases from getting sexual unfortunate behavior. Stringer reported his office for New York Mayor on September 8, 2020. With respect to now, he is filling in as the New York City Comptroller.