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Jedidiah Maus also known as Jed is an educator and the head of the band at Keller Middle School. He is in the features for being captured on charges of youngster misuse.

Maus acquired an unhitched male of music instruction from Southern Methodist University (SMU). Moreover, he got an unhitched male of music in trumpet explicitly.

In 2014, Jedidiah graduated with a Master of Music Education. From that point forward, he is related with the Keller Middle School and Bear Creek Intermediate.

Additionally, Maus coordinated groups at different challenges including the Texas UIL Contest. He additionally filled in as the music chief and instructor at the schools like Keller Middle School.

Jedidiah Maus is a music instructor and band chief at Keller ISD.

He was as of late captured on charges of kid obscenity. According to WFAA, he has presented himself to the male understudies in the restroom.

At Beer Creek Intermediate, Maus grasped his private part while taking a gander at a youngster in the mirror. Likewise, he made one understudy watch him as he peed in the sink.

From that point onward, the child announced it to the specialists. Therefore, he got captured by the Keller Police Department.

Keller school’s band chief, Jedidiah Maus is 35 years old.

At present, his birthday subtleties are off the framework. In any case, he is an American resident and lives in Hurst, Texas.

The family subtleties of Jedidiah Maus are hush-hush.

The individual existence of the supposed youngster victimizer is covered because of safety reasons. Nonetheless, the ISD has given comfort to the groups of the people in question.

The region has additionally spoke to the understudies to discuss anything concerning their security at school. Additionally, the advising branch of Keller is assisting the understudies with preparing the news.

Maus isn’t found on Facebook. Be that as it may, the subtleties on his case are refreshed by Keller’s neighborhood news, etc a similar social site.

At this point, Jedidiah Maus is in care for three counts of kid obscenity.

The examination is as yet progressing since the police accept that he may have different casualties. He used to educate more than 320 understudies under the band programs.

Among them, simply three counts are accounted for to this date. The damaged understudies are being helped by the guides and their families.

The Keller P.D is mentioning more people to approach in the event that they have any data identified with the case.