Jenna Bush Hager Celebrates Thanksgiving with Her 3 Children: ‘Thankful’

Jenna Shrubbery Hager is showing exactly the way in which grateful she is for her youngsters.

The Today with Hoda and Jenna host and mother of three, 40, shared merry photographs of her family on Thanksgiving on her Instagram Story on Thursday.

The main picture is a simple task of Shrub Hager’s center little girl Poppy Louise looking more joyful than at any other time as she grins at the camera with her arms completely open.

In the photograph, the 6-year-old is wearing white night robe with St Nick Claus, Christmas tree and candy stick themes and a headband that peruses “grateful.” Bramble Hager reverberations these equivalent words in her second post on her Instagram Story, composing the words on top of a photograph of her embracing her oldest girl Margaret “Mila” Laura, 9.

In the subsequent photograph, Shrubbery Hager, wearing white night robe, grins up at the camera close to her little girl, who wears red and dark checkered night robe.

The pair is likewise wearing indistinguishable “grateful” headbands. Shrubbery Hager finished up her festival with a family picture where the group of five sits on the floor, with child Henry “Hal” Harold on her lap, with Poppy and Mila situated before Henry and inclining in. Last year, the Hager family selected to avoid the Thanksgiving occasion and go to Christmas.

Bramble Hager shared a photograph of her child Henry “Hal” Harold drinking hot cocoa and wearing Christmas nightgown and a St Nick cap.

“He expresses he’s into hot cocoa and lights so screw Thanksgiving,” Bramble Hager composed of the now-three-year-old.

Last month, Hedge Hager got authentic with Individuals about parenthood saying there are portions of nurturing that are “not impressive and can debilitate.”

“What I attempt to do is feel such is reality, those monotonous parts are additionally that is the thing we’re doing, that is the very thing that we’re living,” she made sense of.

“I attempt to find the adoration and the joy that I realize I have for my children even in the monotonous pieces of nurturing.”

“I want to believe that I can have a good time in any event, when I’m extremely tired and all set to bed and have requested that they clean their teeth for the 100th 100th time,” she added.

“I simply need to attempt to cherish those minutes since that is all there is to it, that is all we got.”