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Sidnie Walker was a wonderful youngster from California who died a couple of months back in a fender bender.

She was in the front seat while her companion Jennifer was driving, later smashing her vehicle into a bog and suffocating Sidnie.

According to the examinations of the police, Jennifer came out from the vehicle yet didn’t ready specialists of the mishap and let Sidnie suffocate with the vehicle.

Sidnie Waller was killed according to the case subtleties of the mishap examination, and it prompted the capture of Jennifer Rae Xavier.

After the mishap, Jennifer had purposefully overlooked an individual in mischief and left the crime location, prompting the cases of homicide on her.

Besides, the guardians of Sidnie were crushed to look into the homicide of their youngster by her own closest companion, so far as that is concerned.

Perhaps the hardest thing for a parent is losing their kid and further clarifying how she died. Albeit numerous news stories covered her eulogy, uncovering that she died from overwhelming after the vehicle slammed of the turnpike.

Jennifer was captured after the Highway watch group drove an examination, just to discover that she had emerged from the vehicle and passed on her companion to die.

Sidnie was recuperated by the specialists and was articulated dead because of mind harms from suffocating.

The instance of Sidnie Waller’s fender bender and Jennifer Rae Xavier was likewise canvassed in a scene of Dateline NBC show.

As indicated by the California Highway Patrol, they had gone to two ocean side bars before the mishap happened. This further signifies that Jennifer was driving impaired and caused the mishap while she was plastered.

Investigators presume that Jennifer was taking Waller home, when she missed the exit from south Interstate 5 to Sea World Drive, and drove her BMW vehicle into Tecolote Creek.

Additionally, Xavier was speeding before the mishap, and after the mishap, Waller was trapped in the vehicle and lowered until San Diego firemen had the option to remove her.

After the examinations, all the fault fell on Jennifer Rae Xavier, for driving impaired and deliberately leaving behind a casualty.

As per the investigators, she was accused of second-degree murder. This implies that she realized that her activities were perilous to human existence yet decided to do them notwithstanding.

She stayed in authority without bail, and her hearing is said to happen soon as the date was set for quite a long time.