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Jenny Li is the detailed ex of the NYPD official Yvonne Wu who was shot by the official.

Wu, who was off the clock during the 12 PM, went to her ex house in Brooklyn and shot her close by her new sweetheart, reports New York Post.

This occurrence immediately got the features as the capture was openly produced using the homicide place.

Following the capture, the examiners uncovered about regarding it as a crime case and further clarified different insights concerning the occurrence.

All that features have at last brought the spotlight towards the shot ex of official Wu, Jenny Li.

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Jenny Li is the detailed ex of Yonne Wu who was shot by the official inside her home.

Clearly, Wu and Li dated for quite a long time and separated about three weeks prior.

Seeing her ex of two years with one more sweetheart in a brief time frame may have set off the resentment within Yvonne to do something like this.

Other than this, any expert insights regarding Li are yet to be unveiled to the media as the agents have focused on her security.

Yvonne Wu’s ex Jenny Li’s age is 23 years of age.

The sources while detailing the occurrence have uncovered the shot ex of Wu, Jenny Li being 23 years of age.

In any case, her accurate birth date and other age subtleties are not known to the media to this point, since she was not recently covered by the media.

A couple photographs of Jenny Li has been shared on Facebook and other online media profiles which you can see above.

A similar picture has additionally been shared on Twitter as the episode is standing out enough to be noticed via online media.

Similarly, a profile by a similar name as Jenny Li has been found both on Facebook and LinkedIn, which uncovers the woman being an item supervisor at Facebook.

In any case, it isn’t affirmed if the discovered profile is the very Li that is associated with this case.

The NYPD official Yvonne Wu shot her ex Jenny Li after she discovered Li with another darling.

The occurrence supposedly occurred in a house situated in Brooklyn where Wu was at that point inside before the casualty couple showed up, according to NY Post.

At the point when Li showed up at the house, the official was holding up in her room and ultimately shot her in the middle, leaving her lying oblivious on the ground.

Similarly, when the police authorities showed up at the scene, they discovered Yvonne remaining at the front entryway of the house.

As they checked within, one more body of the 24-year-old admirer of Jenny Li, Jamie Liang was found in the lounge.

Both the injured were immediately hurried to the emergency clinic however Liang couldn’t be saved while Li is going through genuine treatment and is relied upon to endure.