Jerry Springer Racist Kids Where Are They Now? August and Olivia Kreis in 2022


“The Jerry Springer Show gives a stage to youngsters to offer their viewpoints on bigotry. A board of 9 to 14-year-olds who have been influenced to despise Blacks, Jews, and anyone who isn’t White face an audience of youths.

They’ve come to pass on their message of racial oppression with their folks, yet what happens rather is an educational glance at how youngsters decipher the way of behaving of grown-ups.” Entry structure for the 1993 Peabody Awards.

The fathers of the five white kids on the board, two from the Kreis family and three from the Thomas family, go along with them in front of an audience to make sense of why they have prepared their youngsters to disdain non-whites and Jews.

Jerry Springer Racist Kids August and Olivia Kreis We oftentimes see guarantee for a more promising time to come in America’s youths, particularly with regards to diminishing bias. As per this rationale, each new age of white individuals will be more receptive and tolerating than the former ones.

August Kreis, the previous top of the Aryan Nations, looked for worldwide openness by showing up on “The Jerry Springer Show” in the episode “A Racist Family.”

Thus, August Byron Kreis III, a previous head of the Aryan Nation racial oppressor bunch, is found in this undated document present photograph gave by the Lexington County Detention Center in South Carolina.

Kreis was accused of second-degree criminal sexual way of behaving on a female relative younger than 12 by Richland County agents on Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014.

Where Could August And Olivia Kreis Now be? August and Olivia Kreis, stars of The Jerry Spenser Show, are currently carrying on with their own rich lives starting around 2022.

Kreis and his two kids, August and Olivia, were on The Jerry Springer Show in 1994 and 1995.

In the wake of conveying intimidations and recommending that Springer’s mom was a lampshade in Kreis’ vehicle trunk, program have Jerry Springer terminated Kreis from his show.

Kreis turned into an individual from the Aryan Nations in 1999. In an influence fight following the demise of Aryan Nations pioneer Richard Giant Butler, Kreis obtained senior situations inside the gathering, causing a faction.

August Kreis And Olivia Kreis Children In Their Family August and Olivia’s family Kreis was notable locally for annoying neighbors and residents with whom he clashed. He was accused of different violations, however he was never sentenced for any of them.

He was taboo from reaching his most memorable spouse after their separation. In 2005, he acquired public notification for endeavoring to frame a collusion between the Aryan Nations and al Qaeda.

CNN noted, “While August Kreis might call, there is no sign that al Qaeda is tuning in.”