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On Sunday, November 21, fear struck during a Christmas march in Waukesha, Wisconsin, when a quickly moving vehicle furrowed past blockades and into the group. Occupant of Waukesha, Wisconsin, Jessalyn Torres was one of the casualties who got struck by the quickly moving vehicle.

It has as of now been affirmed that the suspect is 39-year-old Darrell Edward Brooks Jr, who drove a red SUV vehicle through a horde of regular citizens on Sunday, November 21, killing six individuals and harming more than 60.

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Darrell is a 39-year-old profession criminal and rapper who passes by the stage name MathBoi Fly. The “suspect vehicle” was seized after a “significant loss event,” as indicated by Waukesha Police Chief Dan Thompson. The five casualties’ names were affirmed to be Tamara Durand, 52; Jane Kulich, 52; Leanna Owen, 71; Virginia Sorenson, 79 and Wilhelm Hospel, 81.

The name of the 6th casualty isn’t yet known. Notwithstanding, it is affirmed that the casualty is a little youngster. Torres is a little youngster who is only 11 years of age. She was hit by the vehicle while taking an interest in a bubbly occasion with the Waukesha Xtreme Dance organization.

Jessalyn is presently battling for her life in the clinic with a messed up pelvis, a lost kidney, cuts on her lungs and remaining kidney, just as inside dying. Jessalyn’s mom’s name is Amber Kohnke. She likewise has a 2-year-old sister named Averie. It has likewise been accounted for that Torres has two different kin.

Jessalyn was said to have been with her mom and her more youthful sister at the celebration. Her uncle Ryan Kohnke, a tactical veteran, was likewise present at the motorcade, and he helped a many individuals during the misfortune.

Torres additionally has a cousin named Nathan Brooks, who is 23 years of age. Nathan has assisted with gifts by building up a GoFundMe represent the casualties of the Wisconsin Parade.