Jigan BabaOja Has Penned An Appreciation Post To His Wife

Nollywood entertainer Jigan BabaOja has written an appreciation post to his significant other in festival of their commemoration.

The couple who got hitched in 2015, commended their seventh commemoration yesterday, October seventeenth.


To mark their commemoration, Jigan BabaOja wrote an appreciation post to hIs Sovereign.

He valued her for strolling the way with him, and for tolerating him into her life.

Jigan commended her for knowing his deficiencies and not utilizing them against him.

He expressed that his better half is the main lady that certainly accepts that he has no actual test.

“Much thanks to you for the persistence, thank you for the ceaseless love, thank you for your resistance, thank you for the requests, thank you for tolerating me into your existence with no question, thank you for the counsel, thank you for strolling in this pledge with me, thank you for knowing every one of my flaws and not utilizing them against me, you are the main lady that certainly accepts that I have no actual test, you merit everything dear. It’s been 7years since you acknowledged me into your life, it’s our wedding commemoration and I am so blissful I’m doing this with the perfect individual, thank you for everything! I love you Yetunde Kazeem”.

Jigan stands up on his inability

In festival of his 40th birthday celebration, Jigan Baba Ojo had composed a close to home note to himself.

To pay tribute to his day, the entertainer had stood up on his handicap.

Stripping to his clothing to flaunt his body, he expressed that this is what everyday routine wants to encounter with a handicap for the beyond 40 years.

He expressed that his post was to rouse everybody living with an incapacity.

As far as he might be concerned, handicap isn’t the finish of one’s excursion as there is a ton one can accomplish regardless of what their identity is.

“This is the thing I have lived with for the 40th long periods of my life! I m utilizing this post to rouse everybody living with a handicap that this is never the finish of our excursion, there is a ton you can accomplish regardless of what your identity is! Blissful 40th birthday celebration to me! Get enlivened life is lovely”.

Jigan flaunts his loved ones

Jigan had surprised the Web as he disclosed the substance of his significant other and two youngsters.

The entertainer was the discussion of the Web with his 40th birthday festivity in Lagos within the sight of his associates.

Different internet based recordings from Jigan’s 40th birthday celebration party caught wonderful minutes among him and his significant other and kids. He was caught modeling for the cameras with his better half and two little girls.