Jilted lover confesses to killing 23-yr-old woman

Thiruvananthapuram, Oct 22 (IANS) Inside the space of hours after the homicide of a 23-year-elderly person, who was found with her throat cut at her home in Kannur on Saturday, the charged has introduced himself before the nearby police.

The police are currently following the grouping of occasions after the blamed, distinguished as Shyamjith, admitted to perpetrating the wrongdoing in the wake of understanding that the lady, Vishnu Priya, was floating away from him and maybe made another companion.

The police got the lead in the wake of following the call record of Vishnu Priya and the messages that the blamed shipped off her on Saturday.

The occurrence became known when the relatives of Vishnu Priya got back in the wake of going to a memorial service close by.

They were stunned to find the lady, who worked at a neighborhood clinical research facility, lying in a pool of blood.

An individual thought to be behind the homicide was seen in the region, said local people.

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