Jimmy Bell Passed Away At The Age Of 69

Jimmy Bell, the notable Rangers pack man, died on May 2, 2022, at 69 years old. The club gave proper respect to Bell, who is worshipped by allies as a religion symbol and a backbone at his life as a youngster club. As per reports, the departed experienced perilous wellbeing troubles, making him savage and harm his inward organs.

The club gave the accompanying assertion: “‘Officers Football Club is disheartened to declare the death of Jimmy Bell, our much-cherished and notable unit man.” Jimmy, who has been a companion and comrade to numerous ages of players and staff, will be incredibly missed by everyone.”


Jimmy Bell devoted his life to the Rangers Football Club. From Graeme Souness to Giovanni, he worked for some supervisors. Officers executive Douglas Park underlined Bell’s importance to the club and his predictable presence, saying he had “saw probably the best days in our 150-year presence.” Bell remained with the club when it was at its absolute bottom and showed unselfish responsibility no matter what the current work.

The director applauded Bell, referring to his hard working attitude as “unmatched.” He said,

“For each instructional course and game, he put in vast long periods of training and game arrangement.” He appreciated working for his childhood club since no undertaking was excessively enormous or excessively minor for him.”

Jimmy Bell He proceeded to say, “Today, Rangers and Scottish football all in all lost a symbol and a companion.” He was a man of the family, a caring dad, granddad, and spouse. He will be significantly missed, and for the benefit of Rangers Football Club, I stretch out my true feelings to the entire Bell family during this miserable time.”

Following the overwhelming news, a downpour of recognitions from fans overflowed in via online entertainment. Jimmy Bell got a few recognitions.