Jimmy Lindsey GoFundMe raises $15000 as elderly Los Angeles man hospitalized after dog attack


83-year-old Jimmy Lindsey supposedly supported numerous wounds in the wake of being gone after by two canines outside his South Los Angeles home on December 16, 2022. Lindsey needed to spend special times of year in the medical clinic under therapy.

It was subsequently found that the canines had a place with his neighbor. In any case, no charges have been squeezed against the proprietor. Jimmy Lindsey said he lost oblivious during the assault and was saved by a neighbor who liberated him from the canines.


After the episode, Jimmy’s little girl set up a GoFundMe mission to raise assets for his treatment and further recuperation. The pledge drive planned to raise a measure of $100,000, however it has proactively raised nearly $15,000.

Creature control is accounted for to have addressed the proprietor about the canines’ future, yet the proprietor has supposedly would not surrender them.

“I thought my life was finished”: South LA occupant Jimmy Lindsey subsequent to being violently gone after by a neighbor’s canines
In the wake of being gone after by two canines outside his South LA home on December 16, 2022, Jimmy Lindsey needed to go through numerous medical procedures. He supposedly needs essentially a year to completely recuperate.

Jimmy Lindsey was in his yard when two canines supposedly went after him. He was before long hurried to an emergency clinic in Riverside, California, and was confessed to the ICU, FOX11 revealed.

Lindsey’s family referenced that they have not squeezed charges against the neighbor. Jimmy reviewed the occurrence and said that the canines hauled him like a “cloth doll.” It has been found that the canines were blended varieties, and the proprietor had wouldn’t surrender them.

After being gotten some information about the horrendous assault by ABC7, 83-year-old Jimmy Lindsey said, Jimmy’s little girl, Belynda Lindsey, said it was a supernatural occurrence that her dad endure the savage assault. The Los Angeles occupant needed to go through various medical procedures to fix the harm done to his arms and legs. Clinical experts have even referenced that Lindsey could lose his right arm. Lindsey further expressed:

“They (hauled) me to and fro across the yard like a cloth doll. I thought my life was finished, indeed, I did.”

“They are executioners. They are an unpleasant sort of creature. I wouldn’t need nobody, yet nobody to go through the agony I’m going through many days.” A neighbor stepped up to the plate and free Jimmy from the canines after Lindsey became oblivious. The canines took off once the salvage group showed up at the scene. The Lindsey family is attempting to recuperate from Jimmy’s awful personal and substantial harm.

Belynda referenced that her dad would require essentially a year to recuperate from the frightful wounds he supported because of the assault. She additionally expressed that before the episode, Jimmy Lindsey was sound and was “strolling miles.” She added,

“He’s been going through injury care, and the specialist said we’re not in the clear yet to get his arm working.” As had been referenced previously, a pledge drive was sent off on GoFundMe by Belynda Lindsey to raise assets to meet the costs of Jimmy’s treatment and long haul recuperation. It means to raise a measure of $100,000.

The GoFundMe post said, “My dad, Jimmy “Gramps” Lindsey will require your assistance during this time, as the normal expense of his help and recuperation will be galactic. This has been an extremely terrible and horrible mishap truly, inwardly, and intellectually for Gramps.”

Belynda likewise referenced in the post that Jimmy will require nonstop consideration during recuperation and redesigned fencing to guarantee his security and wellbeing when he gets back. Finishing up the post, she requested that everybody keep her dad and her family in their requests.