Jocelyn Delk Adams Will Be Featured As The Host Of “Stab That Cake”

Wound That Cake!, Food Organization’s next culinary contest, is intended to send off on the organization on Friday, December 30, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET. In the series, three expert pastry specialists will fight to see whether their incredibly reasonable cakes can be mistaken for certified desserts when put close to genuine cakes in various supermarkets. Two cake-adoring groups will battle to see who can find the pastry specialists’ separate cakes hid on display earliest.

Wound That Cake! will be co-facilitated by Jocelyn Delk Adams and John Henson. Jocelyn is the honor winning cookbook ‘Grandbaby Cakes and the culinary site Grandbaby-designer,’s writer, public TV character, and brand diplomat. The cook’s motivation is to offer her grandma’s well known customary dishes with a cutting edge touch.

As per the authority outline of the food contest series:

“The bread cooks are entrusted by has John Henson and Jocelyn Delk Adams to fabricate and afterward disguise their cakes on display in a supermarket setting, where two groups of cake fans contend to conclude what is genuine and what is cake.

To cause their cakes to appear to be valid, the dough punchers should utilize each new and innovative methodology available to them. The intricacy of the assignments will ascend to push the cake creators’ manifestations and capacities to a higher level.”

Jocelyn Delk Adams, the moderator of Wound That Cake!, desires to support different dough punchers. Wound That Cake! moderator Jocelyn Delk Adams examined her baking undertakings on her own site. She didn’t comprehend she had a “baking quality” until she was in her twenties. She is currently in her 30s and is staggeringly energetic about baking. Grandbaby Cakes was roused by her grandma and offers different work of art and conventional recipes with a contemporary touch.

Jocelyn shares the recipes she makes by means of her organization so that individuals might copy her food in a more current and open manner. The moderator desires to motivate another age of cooks and food devotees through the brand in such a way that individuals won’t regret creating and eating pastries. She remarked on her site, thinking back about memories of her grandma’s baking:

“I used to revere going to Mississippi to see my grandma, or “big mother” Maggie as my family affectionately alludes to her, heat. Big Mother heats cakes that had her neighbors arranging around the block for an example.”

The moderator of Cut That Cake! is a TODAY show tastemaker and has filled in as an appointed authority on numerous Food Organization culinary contest shows, including St Nick’s Baking Snowstorm and Beat Bobby Excoriate. Jocelyn has likewise been on some notable series, including the OWN Organization’s Food Dreams and the Cooking Channel’s longest-running show Exceptional Desserts.


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Jocelyn began her vocation as an artist in 1994 and advanced to creation colleague in 2003. She functioned as a consultant for the overwhelming majority creation organizations until 2005 when she was elevated to Head of Creation Planning. The host has likewise worked with creation organizations, occasion creation and the board, and as the Chicago Metropolitan Association’s Administrator of Outside Undertakings.

She began Grandbaby Cakes in 2012 and has been striving to grow the business and make more tasty cake recipes for her fans from that point onward. The Rachael Beam Show, Food Organization’s The Kitchen, The Cooking Channel, ABC World News Now, Hallmark Channel, Better Homes and Gardens, O (The Oprah) Magazine, and a lot more have all included the Cut That Cake! moderator.

Jocelyn has filled in as a brand representative and essayist for various organizations, including Coca-Cola, Pillsbury, Yoplait, McCormick, Most secure Decision Eggs, KitchenAid, and White Lily. She is likewise a TED speaker, having given a talk on Brand Realness in 2017. Her presentation cookbook, Grandbaby Cakes, was distributed in 2015 and has been highlighted in a few distributions.

The cookbook was additionally designated for a NAACP Picture Grant 2016 – Exceptional Abstract Informative Work and got the Gourmand World Honor 2016 for Best Blogger Cookbook USA. She likewise established A Magnanimous Sweet, a “hostile to brutality dessert benefit displaying Chicago’s chief pastry kitchens.” Watchers might register to Wound That Cake! this Friday to observe how bread cooks contend to construct cakes that appear to be close to as certifiable as locally acquired cakes. Can individuals differentiate between hyper-reasonable cakes and certified eatable cakes? Time will just tell. Remember to watch Wound That Cake! on Food Organization on Friday, December 30, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET.