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A few occupants in a Salem Lakes circular drive have grumbled about their neighbor who has been insulting them remaining behind his front entryway for over a year. The neighbor has been distinguished as John Eskildsen. Other than the sounds and slurs, the occupants are worried about the eight home surveillance cameras on his property. They are continually under reconnaissance.

The Virginia Beach police have reacted to nine objections about John Eskildsen’s jokes. Three were identified with a stopping/traffic objection while the other seven were for disturbance grievances. Up until this point, there have not been any criminal accusations squeezed against him.

Eskildsen’s present age is 47 years. He lives in his mom’s home at the 2001 Jessamine Court. His complete name is John Michael Eskildsen. John got hitched to Licudo Gelacio in 1999. Two or three offers two youngsters, both of whom were raised by Licudo.

The bigoted recordings of Eskildsen have circulated around the web on Reddit and Twitter and a few group have remarked their viewpoints. One of the inhabitants, Jannique Martinez, has said that John plays extremely noisy music and frequently fights back by playing racial slurs and monkey commotions. She has cautioned cops about the music.

Jannique went through eleven years in the military, and her better half is additionally in the military. At whatever point the family gets out of their home, the monkey clamors would begin playing. Jannique called it nauseating and bigot. She even recorded a portion of the sound on her telephone. The racial slurs and clamors proceed in any event, when her young youngsters are heading outside or playing on the grass.

Jannique uncovered that her child is unnerved by Eskildsen. Her family isn’t the just one being hassled by his tricks, and different families in the Virginia Beach region have melodies played while they are outside too. Jannique doesn’t feel like the Virginia Beach police division has successfully cause the neighbors to have a sense of security in their homes, reports Wavy.

Eskildsen isn’t on Wikipedia, however one can find out with regards to his profile on several Wiki-bio pages. Further insights regarding his family and individual life are presently private.

The Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Virginia connected attempting to connect with the Martinez family and they are effectively investigating the circumstance to perceive what should be possible. The neighbors assembled to challenge the racial and unseemly activities. They were holding signs that made statements like “love wins” and “love thy neighbor.”