John Legend Stated That His Feud With Kanye West Was Over Politics

The root for his fight with Kanye West, as indicated by American performer and musician John Legend, was their political contrasts.

Legend said on CNN’s The Ax Files webcast:”We’re not quite so close as we used to be. I genuinely accept that since we transparently varied on his nomination for government and his help for Trump, it turned out to be a lot for us to keep up with our relationship.”

He proceeded to say:”I was in good company in this, however, you know, he wasn’t satisfied. We haven’t been in contact since.”

Kanye West has been a frank admirer of previous United States President Donald Trump. He as of late expressed that he “was all the while wearing a red cap.” West likewise lobbied for president as an outsider up-and-comer in 2020. His mission, be that as it may, was constrained by a gathering of Republican agents who needed Trump reappointed.

Kanye chastised Legend and Big Sean for not supporting him during his official mission in November. During an appearance on the Drink Champs web recording, the artist expressed:”At the point when I lobbied for office, the Democrats immediately took advantage of John Legend and Big Sean to go after the adolescent who had modified their lives. That is some slime ball rubbish. Furthermore, I don’t shake with any of them, so if it’s not too much trouble, acknowledge my statements of regret.”

Kanye West and John Legend’s fight in 2018 Legend and Kanye’s political contrasts are not new, tracing all the way back to 2018. In a 202 meeting, John Legend said that he doesn’t believe Kanye West to be a dear companion and that their declining association is essential for the typical pattern of life.

Kanye West authoritatively reported his help for the previous US president in 2018, after which Legend purportedly requested that he reconsider. As indicated by reports, John Legend told West that he was areas of strength for excessively essential to back Trump.

While Kanye wouldn’t change his help for Trump, Legend communicated dissatisfaction however said that he wouldn’t repudiate West. He likewise said that they “weren’t awesome of companions.” Legend said in a 2020 meeting that he and West keep on questioning over the subject, saying:”Be that as it may, as I’ve generally expressed, we never talked about legislative issues.” It was never referenced all through our discussion. Our discussions were almost consistently about music and workmanship.”

Kanye West has as of late had numerous public quarrels. He as of late had a public disagreement with American rapper Kid Cudi, who seemed to be buddies with Pete Davidson. Kim Kardashian, Kanye West’s ex, is dating Davidson.

Kanye has said openly that Cudi wouldn’t perform on his next collection ‘DONDA 2’ since “he’s buddies with you know who.” He additionally said that “we as a whole talk in Billie language today,” suggesting his public disagreement with Billie EIlish.