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Jonathan Rees is the principle suspect in Daniel Morgan’s homicide case in the Pub vehicle leave in London. He is an investigator for hire and furthermore the accomplice of Daniel.

Rees was born in September 1954 and he is 66 years of age now. Rees turned into an examiner after he joined the Merchant Navy after he left the school. Daniel, just as Jonathan, later opened up the Detective office in Thornton Heath, Surrey.

The date was tenth March 1987, when Jonathon’s companion was killed in the vehicle park and there was no observer. The homicide was severe homicide as the killer utilized a hatchet to execute Daniel. Later in April, Jonathan was captured as a suspect of the homicide instance of Daniel.

The examination was proceeded till 2008 and the expense was 140 Million. Rees had his siblings Glenn Vian and Garry Vian and they were likewise accused of a homicide case.

Name Jonathan Rees
Birthday September 1954
Age 66 years
Gender Male
Nationality British
Profession Private Detective
Education Merchant Navy
Twitter @jonathanrees200

In the end, following 4 years the case was fallen and they were delivered. In 2018 they all spoke to the court and got 400,000 as of the solution for misleading indictment and Rees got 155000.

Jonathan Rees is the principle suspect of the homicide instance of his companion Daniel Morgan. Jonathan was born in September 1954 so his age is 66 years of age. Jonathan banded together with Morgan and opened the Southern Investigation criminal investigator office.

Nothing has been uncovered about Jonathan’s significant other or his family members. Jonathan’s companion was ruthlessly killed with a hatchet tenth March 1987 and in April Rees was captured.

In 2008 Rees alongside his siblings Glenn Vian and Garry Vian was captured. Jonathan and his siblings were liberated and the case was imploded. Jonathan and his siblings got 400000 as the solution for the harm caused to them.

Another narrative is likewise being ready for Jonathan’s story. Nothing has been referenced about his total assets however he took sum 15,5000 from the sum he got for the harm caused to him and his siblings.