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Jonel Nuezca is a previous Senior Master Sergeant of the Philippine National Police. He was accused of the two homicides in December 2020.

The conviction came out eight months after the fact on 26th August of 2021. He was as of late saw as blameworthy of the homicide of Sonia Gregorio and Frank Anthony Gregorio.

Jonel Nuezca is at 47 years old years old when he is condemned to 40 years of a lifelong incarceration. His real birthdate is yet to be unveiled.

Sonia Gregorio, the survivor of an ex-cop was 52 years of age at the hour of her demise. She brought forth her child, Frank Anthony in 1995. Her child was likewise killed at the extremely youthful age of 25 years.

Notwithstanding the two killings, Jonel was additionally recently accused of crime in 2019 and genuine disregard of obligation in 2016.

His girl was born in 2007. She was only three years of age when the family began encountering strains in their family.

Jonel was suspended in 2010 as a Police official for 10 days. After three years, he was again charged for unfortunate behavior during his obligation in 2013. What’s more, after a year he was likewise blamed for coercion. The series of proceeded with occasions show causes individuals to reprimand his trustworthiness and question the division’s carelessness.

Leilanie Aquino Nuezca is the spouse of Jonel Nuezca. A few has a girl named Elisha Aquino Nuezca.

His significant other and girl both were available at the crime location. The two of them saw Jonel making a weapon to effort the two guiltless occupants of Purok.

In the video, we can see that Elisha agrees with her dad’s position and criticizes the people in question. She is by all accounts pretty pleased with her dad for being a cop.

After the killing, both dad and girl are believed to leave casually. Her girl was only 13 years of age.

As far as Police-killings, the Philippines positions third on the planet. This shows the degree of freedom security of the nation feels to chase down their own compatriots.

The Tarlac court choice came out on August 26, 2021, which accuses Jonel Nuezca of the two homicides. He was condemned with “Withdrawn lifestyle Perpetua” or with a twofold life sentence of 40 years.

The court moreover requested Jonel to make up for the deficiency of both the casualties with $9,523 each.

The case administering was written in a significant creative manner which makes perusers puzzle over whether it was a scene from a film.