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Josh Simmons is a United States Postal Service (USPS) staff. He is a long-lasting staff of the public authority based postal assistance office.

Beside this, he is likewise the child daddy of Kierra Coles. Kierra Coles has been absent since October 3, 2018, when she was three months pregnant.

Henceforth, it is obscure whether she is alive or dead, if she brought forth the child.

Thinking about the culmination of three years of Kierra’s vanishing, the case has again acquired reputation as her whereabouts stay far off.

Josh Simmons is without a doubt from Chicago and lived with Kierra who was initially from the south side of the state. Besides, he likewise imparted a condo to his then-sweetheart Kierra.

His better half Kierra vanished from the front of her condo without any hint of her further area. At the hour of the occurrence, Josh was not home and was called by Kierra’s family.

Josh and Kierra, both maintained their sources of income as individuals from USPS while Josh had been working there since 2010. Kierra had recently snatched the chance of her work as a full-time maile transporter in 2018.

Josh Simmons was Kierra Coles’ sweetheart around then and the team had plans to settle down. On top of it, Kierra was additionally pregnant with Josh’s child notwithstanding, the couple shared a bent relationship.

Josh is scandalous for quite some time against Kierra and had even fathered two children from various ladies. Also, when Kierra was pregnant at the time Josh had impregnated another lady.

Notwithstanding Josh undermining her multiple occasions, Kierra needing to begin a family with Josh was addressed by many.

Starting today, the current accomplice of Josh isn’t known; self evident truth, Josh has kept up with his protection after Kierra’s vanishing.

Josh Simmons’ present age falls around his 30s however the total subtleties on his introduction to the world date are not available right now.

In the mean time, the lost Kierra was an elated lady of 27-years of age at the hour of her vanishment. She was born on September 24, 1991, as the fourth youngster out of 5.

Josh whose complete name is Joshua can’t be followed on Instagram right now. While the instance of Kierra has stood out as truly newsworthy, Josh, one of the nearby individuals to her has shunned disclosing explanations.