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He nodded off on the asphalt in the wake of sitting tight in an extended line for dinners outside an asylum in Honolulu, Hawaii, while he was destitute and hungry. A cop confused him with Castleberry, who had a capture warrant for breaking probation in a 2006 opiates case, and woke him up and kept him.

Following his fake capture in 2017, he was shipped off the Hawaii State Hospital, regardless of his fights that he was not Castleberry, which nobody accepted save one clinic therapist who called an analyst.

After the criminal investigator approved his fingerprints and pictures, authorities covertly liberated him from state confinement in January 2020. He was constrained to reappear a destitute asylum after his delivery in January 2020, which advised his family and remained at Griffith’s home in Vermont.

At the point when a cop shocked Spriestersbach conscious, he expected he was confined for abusing the city’s restriction on sitting or lying on open walkways. The official confused him with Thomas Castleberry, who was needed on a warrant for purportedly breaking probation in a 2006 opiates case.

As indicated by the request, regardless of Spriestersbach’s affirmations that he was not Castleberry, he was shipped off Hawaii State Hospital and constrained to take mental drugs.

As indicated by his lawyers, when a specialist looked into his case and affirmed the misunderstanding, authorities attempted to cover it up by tactfully delivering him with just 50 pennies to his name.

Joshua Spriestersbach’s true Wikipedia page isn’t accessible on the Web. On August 2, 2021, the Hawaii Innocence Project expressed that he was erroneously confined for another person’s wrongdoing.

He was then shipped off a state medical clinic for over two years after authorities confused him with another person. He had never met Thomas R. Castleberry, who was detained in 2016 in Alaska, USA. Joshua Spriestersbach holds American ethnicity. He is initially from Vermont, United States.

Joshua Spriestersbach’s real age is absent on the Web. He may be 51 years at this point. On April 12, 2020, he commended his birthday with a cake in Danby, Vermont. On August 2, 2021, he was 50 years of age when an appeal was submitted in court, mentioning an appointed authority to empty the capture and amend his records.