Judd Trump Supports Gay And LGBTQ Rights: Meet His Girlfriend Khadijah Misr

Judd Trump is a previous title holder and world number one expert snooker player from Bristol, England. With 23 positioning titles, he is broadly viewed as one of the game’s most talented players. He is as of now 6th on the untouched rundown of positioning occasion champs as per his Wikipedia profile.

In proficient rivalry, Trump has over 800-century breaks, making him the third player behind Ronnie O’Sullivan and John Higgins to arrive at this achievement. He turned into the subsequent player, after Neil Robertson, to arrive at 100-century breaks in a solitary season in the 2019-20 season. In his vocation, he has likewise finished six greatest breaks.


Allow us to more deeply study Judd Trump’s better half Khadijah Misr and investigate his help for the LGBTQ+ people group.

Does Judd Trump Supports Gay And LGBTQ Rights? Judd Trump could uphold gay and LGBTQ+ privileges however he has not spoken openly yet.

The snooker player Trump has not spoken anything about gay and LGBTQ+ freedoms openly or has referenced his help yet.

In any case, as one of the top players in the games, Judd could uphold the gay local area in spite of not talking anything.

Additionally, he has likewise not spoken anything against the gay and LGBTQ+ people group yet, he may be a quiet ally.

There isn’t a lot of data accessible on the web about Judd supporting the gay local area, and furthermore there isn’t anything accessible about him not supporting the LGBTQ+ people group too.

Meet Judd Trump Girlfriend Khadijah Misr Judd Trump is dating his drawn out sweetheart Khadijah Misr.

Nonetheless, ABTC contends in any case, the site claims Judd and Misr could presumably be not dating any longer.

Trump and Misr were first spotted showing up together at a snooker grants service in 2018.

In any case, following a year they were not seen sharing pictures on the computerized world and had brought down their recently shared pictures also as indicated by ABTC.

Khadijah holds American ethnicity and is by all accounts in her 30s at this point. In spite of the fact that she has not uncovered much about her calling she could be in the showbiz business.

Is Judd Trump Ever Married To Khadijah Misr? Judd Trump never hitched Khadijah Misr.

Judd and Khadijah are supposed to be a couple yet there is no proof of the case accessible on the web, they appear to be unmarried as of May 2022.

Truth be told, the couple never shared any data about commitment too not to mention their marriage with their fans and supporters on the web.

Additionally, they likewise have not implied about their big day.