Julia Roberts Wants To Help ‘Real Housewives’ Star Garcelle Beauvais Find A Boyfriend

Julia Roberts is expecting to play social arranger! The Oscar-winning performer is clearly a significant Certifiable Housewives fan and is really focusing on Garcelle Beauvais’ love life.

The Veritable Housewives of Beverly Slants star and the Pass to Paradise star both chatted with ET’s Deidre Behar on the mat at the Set of experiences Talks 2022 event in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, and both of them watched out for Beauvais’ ardent status.


“I just met Julia Roberts, she said ‘Wow, I need to find you a darling. I’m placed assets into this,’ and I said, ‘Goodness, I can essentially fail horrendously now. I don’t need the darling,'” Beauvais pondered on the carpet, anxious to have an as of late found big name friend and anticipated cupid.

Beauvais added, ‘She said ‘I need a second’ when she saw me, and I was like ‘You? I need a second!'”

It just so happens, Beauvais’ love life genuinely was more important than anything else to Roberts. As she went onto the floor covering, she watched out for the fact of the matter star’s remarks and yelled, “She truly needs a lover!”

When asked concerning whether there’s anyone she has as a main concern, Roberts replied, “No, yet I will think of it as every day of the week.”

Talking about social arrangers and opinion, Roberts actually returned to the romcom sort with her new film, Pass to Paradise, in which she stars converse durable friend George Clooney – – who was moreover at the HISTORYTalks 2022 undertaking with mate Amal Clooney.

Pondering their partnership, Roberts rambled, “It’s really huge. We’re both dedicated sidekicks and our lives kind of evolved in equivalent, consequently now our families are extremely devoted to each other and it’s really perfect.”

As for Pass to Paradise – – which is set to hit theaters Oct. 21 – – Roberts said there’s “positively no possibility of knowing” expecting that she has more lighthearted comedy projects in her future.

“It’s an irksome kind to get right and to find a good content. Thusly, I’m constantly open and available,” she shared. “Anyway, this one happened, and with George as my accessory, it was delectable.”