Julian Assange Father John Shipton Works Tirelessly For His Son, How Old Is He?

As per Dr John Jiggens, John Shipton, the dad of Julian Assange, is proceeding with his mission for his child’s opportunity.

On Brisbane’s Labor Day, Julian Assange’s dad, John Shipton, walked close by Julian’s association, the Media, Entertainment, and Arts Alliance (MEAA).


John Shipton is walking to remind Australia that his child is a notable Queensland-born writer, informant, and MEAA part.

How Old Is John Shipton? John Shipton’s age has not been revealed at this point on the web. Then again, Julian Assange is 50 years of age starting around 2022.

John additionally expressed that Julian was detained in the United Kingdom on International Press Freedom Day and that the Australian government disregarded his issue.

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Julian Assange Father Wikipedia Julian Assange’s dad, John Shipton, doesn’t have a Wikipedia page devoted to him. Then again, Julian has a Wikipedia page of him.

John Shipton is a manufacturer and hostile to war extremist who still can’t seem to unveil his actual character to the media. Accordingly, his whereabouts are as yet unclear, in spite of his proceeded with help for Julian Assange.

Likewise, John helps Julian in getting his name free from a few deceitful complaints, badgering, and criticism by different government officials and corporate media, including claims made by the U.S. government.

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John Shipton Wife Christine Ann Hawkins John Shipton wedded Christine Ann Hawkins, a lady born in 1951. The couple had separated before their child was born.

At the point when Julian was a year old, his mom wedded Brett Assange, an entertainer with whom she ran a little performance center organization and whom Julian thought about his dad.

John Shipton is perceived as Julian Assange’s dad and keeps a position of safety with respect to other individual connections.

Shipton isn’t just Julian Assange’s dad yet in addition the dad of his charming little girl, as he was spotted exhibiting for his child’s wellbeing together.

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John Shipton Son Julian Assange Julian Assange is an Australian columnist and dissident who sent off the WikiLeaks site in 2006. WikiLeaks originally acquired fame in 2010 when it distributed a progression of exposures.

The Baghdad airstrike Collateral Murder video, Afghanistan war logs, Iraq war logs, and Cablegate were among the exposures. Following the 2010 disclosures, the US government sent off a criminal examination concerning WikiLeaks.

Sweden gave a worldwide capture request for Assange in November 2010 following claims of rape.

The jail administration reported on November 11 that Julian Assange and Stella Moris had been conceded authorization to wed at Belmarsh Prison, and the couple wedded on March 23, 2022.