Junior Pope Odonwodo Has Reach To The Sad Death Of Bimbo Ogbonna

Nollywood entertainer Pope Obumneme Odonwodo famously known as Junior Pope Odonwodo joined his other partners to reach to the miserable demise of Airhead Ogbonna, spouse of Ikechukwu Ogbonna, the big name vehicle seller also called IVD. Review that Airhead’s passing comes in the midst of cases of abusive behavior at home in their marriage.

In 2019, Airhead blamed the financial specialist for attacking her for quite a long time.


However, after a year, IVD made light of bits of gossip about a crack in their marriage. He likewise shared a video that they had accommodated.

It is perceived that a new show began on Wednesday after the couple were said to have had a warmed a conflict.

During the supposed quarrel, a fire was said to have destroyed their home in Megamound Bequest, Lekki, Lagos, leaving IVD’s significant other seriously harmed.

Responding to that, Jnr Pope, “Leave every one of the preachings from individuals and the congregation and know this one truth.

The marriage closes the second anybody puts a finger on the other. I most definitely won’t ever uphold Abusive behavior at home.

My dear sisters know this and know harmony while perusing and observing this multitude of dramatizations that have ended a day to day existence, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to ponder and contemplate when it disturbs to this and how could anybody need to remain in a marriage that will most likely take their life because of steady beating/rebuffing and so forth…

This one aggravation me cause leaving/getting a separation would have tackled this… .. Furthermore, the two players would live independently joyfully ever later…

Yet that is as of now not conceivable reason she is no more.. What number of more could need to go this way before my dear sisters will have sense?????”