Kai Havertz And His Brother Jan Havertz Used To Use 29 When They Created Themselves On FIFA05

The German footballer Kai Havertz and his brother Jan Havertz grew up playing FIFA and Ace Development Soccer. They wore numbers 10 and 29, separately.

The competitor went from playing football in a computer game to making his expert presentation for Bayer Leverkusen in 2016. Moreover, he wore a similar shirt number his brother wore while playing FIFA together.


The Havertzs comes from a family with an athletic foundation, as their granddad was the executive of the beginner club Alemannia Mariadorf. Subsequently, the Chelsea going after midfielder accepted his most memorable involvement with football at Alemannia Mariadorf when he was four.

Moreover, they likewise have a sister named Lea Havertz, yet the competitor’s kin and relatives have kept a position of safety from the public eye. However they periodically show up on the soccer star’s virtual entertainment.

Kai Havertz grew up playing football with his brother Jan Havertz in a locale of Alsdorf, Mariadorf, until their family moved to Aachen. They kept playing together until the soccer star made his expert presentation.

It was their adored granddad Richard who acquainted the brothers with the game. Richard was a previous footballer and a mentor and passed down his affection for the game to the youthful age.

Similarly, their father likewise played football at a novice level, yet the senior Havertz didn’t seek after it to an expert level like his child. All things considered, he turned into a police officer to serve individuals and guarantee harmony so residents could live serenely.

In this way, Kai isn’t the only one from the family with a profound love for soccer; his kin and guardians likewise share a similar affection. Also. They are his biggest fan and consistently upholds and urge him to arrive at the top.

Kai didn’t pick his pullover number arbitrarily; he picked the number 29 for his brother. He has a wonderful story behind the number he wears while playing on the field.

The soccer player and his more seasoned brother played FIFA and Expert Advancement Soccer while youthful, and Jan generally put No 29 on his shirt, though he had number 10 and wore brilliant shoes. Afterward, when he turned proficient, Bayer Leverkusen gave him some number he could pick from, and the second the 23-year-old heard 29, he realized he needed to have it.

Besides, the competitor went with the specific figure even subsequent to taking his intense action to Chelsea. As he is a going after midfielder, fans figured he could change his number to 7, 9, 10, or 11 as they are considered more famous numbers in football, yet it wasn’t true for Havertz.

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most conspicuous players ever, has utilized his number “9” to make a brand for himself looking like CR7. Similarly, the German footballer is likewise known for the two-digit number on his shirt.

A few competitors likewise switch their numbers relying upon the karma it brings, and the previous Danish footballer Niklas Bendtner is one of them. He wore number 26 preceding changing to 52, wanting to make progress. Notwithstanding, Kai has consistently adhered to a similar number since it holds unique recollections for himself as well as his brother.

Havertz doesn’t just have a brother yet in addition a sister. The soccer player was born the most youthful youngster to his folks, and he has a lovely more seasoned sister named Lea Havertz.

Lea stood out as truly newsworthy when she dropped an exchange update about her brother on Instagram in 2020. While Kai was in the information for his conceivable marking with the Chief Association club Chelsea, she affirmed that he was moving to London when somebody inquired as to whether her brother was evolving clubs.

Later on the fourth of September 2020, the competitor marked a five-year contract with Chelsea, and from that point forward, he has been with the club. The more seasoned Havertz is dynamic on Instagram under the username @leahavertz.

In any case, she has kept a confidential record and shared five posts she made with just 331 supporters. Moreover, their brother Jan has likewise restricted his online entertainment admittance to restricted clients; he goes by the handle @janhavertz.