Kaley Cuoco Says It Was ‘Love at First Sight’ In ‘Meet Cute’ Story with Boyfriend Tom Pelphrey

Kaley Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey had a fantastic Hollywood meet enchanting.

At privileged pathway presentation of her new film, Meet Beguiling, in New York City on Tuesday, Cuoco told ET’s Rachel Smith that she and her new close friend shared a second relationship at another introduction event back in April.


“We have a comparable boss,” Cuoco said, “so we met at the Ozark debut.”

Pelphrey, who played the lamented Ben Davis in the Netflix performance, was accessible as one of the show’s stars. Cuoco wound up going to as a guest of her central that evening.

“I headed inside, I was so stimulated,” she audits, “and we met there – – and it was unexplainable love.”

The gullible performer rambled, “He’s the cutest of all.”

In Meet Beguiling, Cuoco plays a single woman named Sheila who figures out an opportunity machine that allows her to return to some time in the past to a date she had the earlier night with a man named Gary, played by Pete Davidson, over and over. Anyway, when she starts getting back to minutes in Gary’s past to endeavor to change him into her dream variation of the man she keeps up with that him ought to be, things get considerably more tangled and chaotic.

In fact, Cuoco, 36, and Pelphrey, 40, made a significant step in their relationship essentially last week while going to the Emmys together.

As shown by ET’s insiders, the pair were all mindful looks and light contacts generally through the event, displaying sweet and unnoticeable PDA on that very night that they made their privileged pathway debut collectively.

Cuoco had a hand on Pelphrey’s arm as they talked near the stage and, while arranged at their table, the couple kept their bodies and seats facing each other lovingly – – like they were in their own existence, totally. Exactly when an image taker mentioned to snap their photo, Cuoco happily said, “Sure!”

Subsequently, Pelphrey’s mate, Sebastian Stan, dropped by to invite the couple and snap a selfie.

Near the uttermost furthest reaches of the night, the lovebirds stood up and looked significant into each other’s eyes. Pelphrey grasped Cuoco’s waist, then, they caught hands while the Flight attendant performer sashayed into his arms.