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Adams was found by the side of a street in March 1975. A day sooner, she ventured out from home to address a task on an evening. She was attacked and killed close to her home in Columbus, Ohio, by Robert Meyer and Charles Webber.

The Investigation Discovery’s ‘Working on it With Paula Zahn: A Secret Meeting’ investigates Adams’ case. The veteran columnist subtleties the long term stand by to track down her killers. The homicide case stayed inexplicable for a really long time until DNA proof uncovered Meyer and Webber to be the executioners.

Karen came from a huge family, and she lived in Whitehall, Ohio, with her folks. Her family and friends and family depicted her as liberal and humane. She was setting aside up cash to purchase a vehicle and filling in as at a neighborhood steakhouse.

She was 17 years of age during the hour of her demise. Her complete name was Karen Renee Adams. Adams was striving to accomplish her fantasy about filling in as a lab expert.

She took off of her home on Match 9, 1975, and told her folks she would get garments from a companion’s place. Her folks anticipated that she should be home soon yet begun stressing when she didn’t return by 11 pm that evening.

Karen was accounted for missing, and the specialists discovered she went out to meet her sweetheart at a close by supermarket. The quest for Adams finished when her body was found in a trench the following day, reports The Cinemaholic.

Adam’s jeans were unfastened, and her sweater was pushed up, proposing an attack. An examination affirmed she was attacked and attacked. The reason for Karen’s passing was strangulation, and her tote and shoes were found around a large portion of a mile from her body.

Karen’s beau consented to take an untruth finder test and was precluded as a suspect. The police didn’t have further leads, and the case turned cold after some time.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, Illinois, chosen to investigate the homicide case following 33 years of homicide in 2008. The proof from her garments was shipped off the lab for testing. The outcomes returned with two male DNA profiles.

Subsequent to checking through CODIS, one of the profiles coordinated with Robert Meyer. The specialists likewise looked into Charles Webber, who he met in the jail.

They were sentenced for grabbing and attacking two ladies in Toledo, Ohio, in 1997. When the specialists found out with regards to Charles’ association with Karen’s homicide, he had as of now died. He died in 1992 when he was around 52 years of age.

The police captured Robert in September 2011, and he denied his association yet later admitted to it. He was condemned to 15 years to life in jail in May 2012. Meyer died in 2015 while he was as yet imprisoned. He was around 74 years of age during the hour of his passing.