Kashim Shettima Religion, Net Worth, Wife Children, Family Background, And Twitter

Kashim Shettima Religion, Net Worth, Wife Children, Family Background, And Twitter-Representative of Borno Kashim Shettima practices the Islam religion. This is the very thing that you should be know all about his certainty, absolute resources, and family.

Kashim Shettima is a notable Nigerian lawmaker.


He is the progressing senator of the Borno state, where he recently filled in as a lead delegate from 2011 to 2019.

Shettima completed his discretionary preparation in 1983. From that point forward, he joined the University of Maiduguri and procured a BSc in Agricultural Economics degree.

Kashim diverted into a person from the National Youths Service Corps for a year.

Then, at that point, he got a MSc in Agricultural Economics from the University of Ibadan.

Shettima sent off his journey as a speaker, trailed by a lender.

He held posts like a head of records, Deputy Manager, and Manager at an assumed public bank and worked as an Agricultural Economist.

Kashim’s political business began in 2007 subsequent to being appointed as the Borno State Ministry of Finance and Economic Development Commissioner.

Until 2011, he filled in as the Commissioner in 5 Ministries.

Shettima then transformed into the administrative head of Borno state until he was picked as the Senator in 2019.

Kashim Shettima Religion As indicated by Wikipedia, Kashim Shettima is Muslim and follows the Islam religion.

He adores and has faith in an all-knowing God, Allah. He dresses as shown by his religion and has introduced for seemingly everlastingly to his almighty.

Plus, Shettima wears a long outfit called thobe and a cap called taqiyah.

Kashim Shettima Net Worth Official Kashim Shettima has significant all out resources in 2022.

Nonetheless, the data is yet to be revealed.

He hails from a well-off family and seems to have a rich legacy. Moreover, he gets a fair total for filling in as Borno State’s Senator.

Hence, Kashim continues with a stunning life in Nigeria and has an extraordinary fortune.

Kashim Shettima Wife And Children Kashim Shettima is hitched to his mindful life partner named Nana Shettima.

Nana is a homemaker who manages her soul mate and youths.

She has likewise been locked in with accommodating works gave to transients and widows.

Kashim and Nana have been hitched for quite a while and are as yet connected. A few have an ecstatic hitched life that is moving along true to form.

Shettima has three unimaginable children, a kid and two young ladies, whose characters are not uncovered.

Kashim Shettima Family Background Senator Kashim Shettima hails from areas of strength for an establishment, which has worked with his political job somewhat.

He is the offspring of his father, Sir Shettima Kashim Ibrahim. He was a Nigerian political person who was the head of Borno State’s Native Administration and Social Services Minister, recalling the 1950s.

There isn’t much of information about Kashim’s mother and family. He continued with his dad’s legacy by wandering his foot into administrative issues in 2007.

Kashim Shettima On Twitter Kashim Shettima shows his web based presence utilizing Twitter and Facebook.

He has a Facebook page where he persistently revives about new things in his livelihood. He has gotten in excess of 141,000 allies on it.

Likewise, Shettima tweets as @KashimSM and accumulates over 86.6K allies.