Kathy Page Billboard, Unsolved Murder Case and Where Is Steve Page Today?

Kathy Page’s dad, James Fulton, actually puts boards around the town of Vidor, expecting to get an unknown tip about the killer, who is accepted to be her then-spouse, Steve Page.

These boards even enlivened Oscar-winning chief, Martin McDonagh, to make a film named Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, delivered in 2017.


Kathy Page Murder Case and Updates 2022 On May 14, 1991, promptly in the first part of the day, 34-year-old Kathy Page was found dead in her vehicle in a trench following what appeared to be an impact near Vidor, Texas. Yet, when agents dug further, they found proof that proposed her passing was not a mishap.

Only 90 meters isolated the accident site from Kathy’s home, where her better half, Steve, was holding up when police showed up. He seemed annoyed when the agent informed him that she had died.

He was crying right away, however at that point the agent saw that his direct was odd; he would quit crying and resume acting regularly. Since that morning, he had been the fundamental suspect in Kathy’s passing.

She had a bruised eye and a broke nose. Her skin and underpants were smudged with blood, yet her external apparel was unaffected. Specialists think she was killed elsewhere prior to being dressed, tidied up, and put in her vehicle.

Kathy Page’s Billboard In The City Of Vidor James Fulton is taking a stab at all that he can to give equity to his little girl by sending her killer in the slammer. He started placing these banners in a few spots in Vidor during the mid-1990s. Those announcements slowed down certain individuals since they for all intents and purposes blamed Vidor police for impeding the examination concerning Page’s 1991 homicide.

As indicated by the announcements, Steve Page killed his better half, Kathy. Also, the bulletin blames the Vidor Police Department for tolerating installments to hide the episode and entreats the Attorney General to investigate it.

The latest one was found in June 2021, which Crime Stoppers put in Southeast Texas. Wrongdoing Stoppers had raised the award to $50,000. How much the award is the most elevated that Crime Stoppers has at any point presented nearby.

Where Could Steve Page Today be? Steve Page is accepted to be the killer of his significant other, however he has denied every one of the allegations against him a few times. He at present lives in Houston, Texas, and is accepted to be joined by a youthful sweetheart. His most recent public experience was with Daily Mail in 2018, when he got serious about his life troubles in light of those announcements.

He asserted that those banners have made his life troublesome. He expressed his disappointment by saying that it expresses assaulted while kicking the bucket, which has made him a bad guy in the public eye. He professes to have cherished b-ball experiencing childhood in the little Texas town where he lives. He was chasing after a calling as a protection sales rep when he marry in November 1981.

Kathy Page And Steve Page’s Family Facts At the hour of her passing, Kathy and Steve had been hitched for quite a long time and had two youngsters, Erin and Monica. They were getting ready to separate yet needed to sort out things, as per Steve, who said she believed she presently not had any desire to be his significant other.

Sherry, her sister, denies his assertions as s he guarantees that Kathy was starting to continue on with her personal business and that the marriage was past saving. She attests that Kathy had prompt intends to separate from Steve. Be that as it may, before she died startlingly, Steve moved out yet demanded they stay in contact.