Kelsey Owens Says She Was Fired From ‘Siesta Key’ ‘With Absolutely No Warning’ After 4 Seasons

Kelsey Owens is out of an undertaking, according to her. On Friday, the 25-year-old reality star told her Instagram disciples that she was ended from MTV’s Siesta Key after four seasons.

ET has reached MTV for input. Posting a photo of herself walking a runway in a pink swimsuit, Owens communicated, “The past night I was walking around scene at a mother cherishing strip club out of each and every put on the planet and was taught that I will be cut pushing ahead on Siesta Key with emphatically no notification ahead of time.”

Clearly angry about her obvious departure from the series, Owens added, “It’s magnificent and truly disgusting that ensuing to working on a show since I was 19 years old where I’ve shared things about my own life I wasn’t by and large OK with, pivoted for seemingly everlastingly around, and put such a ton of effort into could arrive at a resolution in such a heathen manner hence surprising.”

Owens told her Instagram fans that she was not even given “a direct ‘thank you for sharing the past five years of your reality with us.'”


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Reality star said subsequent to hearing the news, she really expected to film a scene for the show. “I cried madly, then, cleaned those tears and shot my last scene everything possible with my head held high,” she formed. “No matter what business as usual dealt with I am so grateful for the friends I’ve made, very rarely risks I’ve been given, and most the fans. I need to embrace every one of you. You know practically nothing about how much your mindful words and support have expected to me and the sum they’ve helped me with beating a part of my hardest times.”

Continuing to ramble over her fans, Owens wrapped up her post, “I would never have made it these past five years without all of you so thank you for that. I’m actually a better person due than all of you. My experience on the show could have arrived at a resolution yet this is the ideal beginning for me. Time to strut my course into this next area.”

The post was met with stores of reactions structure Owens’ co-stars and buddies.

Mike Vazquez remarked, “Love you Kelsey! You were one of the backbones of this show .”

Tate Sweatt, who has made an appearance on the series as Amanda Miller’s darling, in like manner answered, “Strut your stuff Kelsey!!!! satisfied with you!”

Meanwhile, Miller remarked, “I’ll constantly be so thankful to have met you through the show, yet you my friend merit much better and I can barely hold on to see what comes next for you. love you by and large Kels.”


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Kelsey Owens (@thekelseyowens)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

Also, Max Strong, Owens’ lover, left a broad remark and discussed his own contribution in the creation bunch. “Kindly acknowledge my conciliatory sentiments you were managed this way Kelsey. You are an astonishing individual and I understand you have set your heart into this show and expected to confide in the best in people running it anyway unfortunately the producers and show runners of this show just aren’t extraordinary people. They have shown it perpetually time again since I have been recording nearby,” he created. “They lie to your face and let you in on they care about you to move you toward doing the things that they need – all while holding money and episode looks at over your head. I’ve seen it from the second I walked around this show and have been very vocal about it to them with all due regard, which I know is the explanation they didn’t require me in Miami with you. They’ve laid out a horrible culture and working environment and I am truly feeling improved to the point that we can now push ahead with our lives. I promise you the best is on the way love you so much!”

While her exit from the series seems, by all accounts, to be unexpected, Owens, who has been on Siesta Key since its show in 2017, as of late suggested that she was thinking about leaving the series, taking ownership of co-star Madisson Hausburg that she was pondering a progress to Los Angeles.

“It’s surely something I’ve considered an extraordinary arrangement yet furthermore hard considering the reality Max just moved here,” she said in an episode of the show. “I just feel like progressively more actually I have kind of been pushed out of the social event. I don’t keep up with that it ought to be like that.”

According to Us, following two months, Owens said that she was not moving to L.A. “I’m staying in FL for myself NO ONE else,” she wrote in May considering a fan question during an Instagram Q&A.