Kemi Olunloyo Reveals The Real Cause Of Rico Swavey’s Death

Insightful writer Kemi Olunloyo has uncovered the genuine purpose for reality star, Rico Swavey’s end.

On October 13, 2022, the demise of reality star Rico Swavey was accounted for. This ignited feelings from fans and relatives as they were devastated by the fresh insight about his demise.

Instead of what numerous netizens expected, veteran writer Kemi Olunloyo has uncovered that reality star Rico Swavey died because of hopping on the guiding wheel while totally inebriated.

Kemi Olunloyo claims that Rico Swavey possessed a scent like liquor when he was taken to Doreen Medical clinic at 1:45 a.m. on October eleventh by a caring outsider.

She tweeted letting a press explanation out of Doreen Clinic, “#BREAKING THE Authority Marked Proclamation ON LETTERHEAD BY DOREN Clinic THAT I POSTED Solely Before ON THE VIDEO OF RICO SWAVEY AND HIS TREATMENT AT THEIR Medical clinic.”

“Dr Ekong Clinical Overseer of Doren let me know that Rico lived for 72 hours after the mishap and passed on at Evercare emergency clinic. His family at first rejected the reference yet later took it. Consistently counts. He really wanted a neurosurgeon. The medical attendants were attempting to get him in the vehicle”.