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Egypt Covington was just 27 years of age when she was fiercely killed on Jun. 22, 2017, inside her own home, which turns out to be in Van Buren Township, Michigan.

Subsequent to saying a final farewell to Kenny Michalak, Egypt revived her relationship with Curtis Meadows and set the goal to start another excursion before her unfortunate passing.

Curtis headed toward Egypt’s home on the evening of Jun. 23, 2017, subsequent to being not able to reach her the entire day. Egypt’s vehicle was left in the parking garage, and the way to her home was totally open when he showed up.

At the point when Curtis showed up at the home, he found Egypt’s canine, Ruby, woofing close to the corridor. Curtis found Egypt’s body face down on the floor as he hoped to perceive what the canine was crying at. He expressed that her hands were bound behind her back with Christmas lights, and she was lethally shot.

Kenny Michalak, whose complete name is Kenneth Michalak, was keen on the homicide of Egypt Covington. Kenny and Egypt dated for the duration of the time that she was all the while seeing Curtis. Nonetheless, Egypt’s relatives guarantee that their association was blustery and disturbed.

Kenny had supposedly been physically oppressive to Egypt before and controlled and obnoxiously manhandled her. Egypt’s then ex Curtis even let the police know that he noticed Kenny prowling about Egypt’s vehicle while left at Curtis’ apartment building after he and Egypt accommodated and fixed things up.

This was the way Kenny began to turn into a subject of interest. Given the historical backdrop of their relationship, it was a conspicuous supposition that Kenny may be the enemy of Egypt.

Not just that, as indicated by the sources, Egypt’s latest connection with Kenny happened right away before her passing, during the Belleville National Strawberry Festival. Kenny Michalak has denied any contribution in Egypt’s death.

Regardless of being assigned as an individual of premium in Egypt’s examination, specialists presently can’t seem to accuse him of anything. Tina Covington, who is Egypt Covington’s mom, isn’t persuaded that Kenny is the killer.

While she concedes that Egypt and Kenny had a wild relationship, the police marked him as an individual of interest since they were feeling the squeeze to discover somebody to fault for the wrongdoing.

We don’t have a lot of data on how old Kenny Michalak was. According to its vibes, he seems, by all accounts, to be in his mid thirties. His own data on his youth, whereabouts, relatives are not unveiled at this point. Kenny quit being a subject of interest after three different men were captured.

In 2020, two men were captured regarding Egypt’s homicide 2020, as indicated by reports. Albeit the names were not unveiled from the get go, it was in November 2020 when one of the captured man’s names was uncovered.

From the get go, the main killer’s name, Timothy Eugene Moore, was delivered. Notwithstanding, Moore has been accused of first-degree murder. Of course, in January 2021, just about a year after the fact, two additional men, Shane Evans and Shandon Groom dealt with indictments of homicide.

These three burglars have looted and assaulted some unacceptable home as they expected to assault Egypt’s neighbor, a maryjane parental figure. This load of three men are anticipating preliminary in Wayne County Circuit Court, as per a report.

The 2017 passing of Egypt Covington during a bungled theft will be included in another release of NBC’s analytical wrongdoing show Dateline, which will make a big appearance on Friday. The long-running NBC show will air a scene on Oct. 22 at 9 p.m., incorporating interviews with Covington’s family and a private agent recruited by the family.