Kim Jung-hyun and Im Soo-hyang Will Be Featured On New Fantasy Medical Drama

Kim Jung-hyun and Im Soo-hyang will co-star in Kkokdu’s Gye Jeol (The Time of Kkok Du), a forthcoming MBC dream heartfelt show (exacting interpretation). Kim Jung-hyun, who was most recently seen in Mr. Sovereign (2020), is making a two-year return.

He rose to conspicuousness in the wake of showing up in the play Crash Arriving on You. In the mean time, Im Soo-hyang should be visible in the MBC show Specialist Attorney, which is currently circulating. She rose to conspicuousness for her exhibition in the 2018 love show My ID is Gangnam Excellence.

The Time of Kkok Du will tell the story of Kkokdu, a brutal collector who comes to Earth like clockwork to rebuff humankind. At the point when he gets back to the world, he meets Han Gye-jeol, a specialist with bizarre and perplexing abilities, and starts functioning as a meeting specialist.

Kang Yi-heon and Heo Jun-charm of MBC’s wrongdoing thrill ride Not exactly Evil composed the following show (2018). In the mean time, the show will be helmed by Baek Soo-chan, who recently coordinated Alice (2020), and Kim Ji-hoon, who recently coordinated Look at The Occasion (2021).

Kim Jung-Hyun and Im Soo-baffling Hyang’s relationship will fill in the following MBC show Kim Jung-hyun and Im Soo-hyang, who will play the vital parts in The Time of Kkokdu, have provoked individuals’ curiosity with their different acting skills.

Kkokdu/Do Jin-charm will be played by Kim Jung-hyun. God chastised him for his bad behaviors and made him the aide of the hidden world. He directs the departed to existence in the wake of death and furthermore tidies up human trash by possessing the group of Do Jin-charm, a human who looks like him. Albeit the reason for his revile is obscure, it will be invigorating to watch whether Kkokdu can break free.

Im Soo-hyang will depict Han Gye-jeol, a specialist who moved on from the nation’s most exceedingly terrible clinical school. Moreover, after her mom’s demise, she has no family members put something aside for her more youthful brother. She starts to feel forlorn because of others peering down on her, who just perceive doctors from conspicuous schools, until Do Jin-charm enters her life.

The creation group additionally remarked on the incorporation of the two head entertainers. They expressed:”The energetic acting of Kim Jung Hyun and Im Soo Hyang is making the shooting area more dynamic. Counting the two stars, everybody participated in shooting is striving to create an eminent show, so we ask for your consideration and assumption for ‘Kkokdu’s Gye Jeol.'”

The delivery date has not yet been reported by the creation group, and the equivalent goes until the end of the cast program. In any case, as per bits of hearsay, the program is by and by being shot.