KJ Nardo Accident – What Happened To Him? Death News And Wiki

The vehicle misfortune that asserted KJ Nardo’s life occurred on Walk 19, 2013. For more data on the occasion, keep perusing this article.

KJ Nardo, otherwise called Keith (KJ) Mastronardo, was a key prime supporter of The Nardo’s Normal Natural Skincare Family.


He died in an auto collision on Walk 19, 2013. He failed to keep a grip on his cruiser while endeavoring to try not to slam into a creature out and about, and a vehicle drawing closer from the other bearing struck him.

Keith set off on a mission to make Nardo’s Normal with the assistance of his three brothers, Kyle, Danny, and DJ Mastronardo.

Their natural skincare organization was born out of their common objective and relentless responsibility, prevailing upon clients with its all-regular and eco-accommodating methodology.

On Walk 9, 2012, the Mastronardo brothers were highlighted on the exceptionally well known program Shark Tank, exhibiting their business drive.

They joined forces with notable land big shot Barbara Corcoran during their show, which gave their generally rising acclaim much more impulse.

Keith died sadly, yet his memory gets through because of Nardo’s Regular line of items.

KJ Nardo Mishap: What Was His Condition?
At the point when KJ and his kin were picked to go on the notable television program Shark Tank, a staggering experience started. In any case, amidst all the satisfaction and fervor, a horrendous occasion happened that totally obliterated their loved ones.

Everybody in the Shark Tank people group was stunned to learn of KJ’s awkward demise.

On that frightful Walk 19, 2023, Keith was a piece of a mishap. He made a surprising turn on his motorbike to avoid a creature that was going across the street.

He failed to keep a grip on his bicycle while endeavoring to escape, and a vehicle struck and killed him.

The Nardo brothers, as well as every other person who knew and adored KJ, were crushed to learn of his less than ideal destruction.

While trying to adapt to this huge misfortune, his burial service was put on Walk 27, 2013, at the St. Katharine of Siena Church in Wayne, Pennsylvania, situated at 104 S. Aberdeen Rd.

The Nardo brothers are famous for having a tight bond, however the present moment they are endeavoring to patch a profound close to home injury.

Their lives have never been a similar in the wake of losing their brother, a valued relative.

Fresh insight about KJ Nardo’s Demise
The Shark Tank people group and Nardo’s family were shaken by the unfortunate insight about KJ’s death.

As per the eulogy, KJ died in a deadly vehicle mishap, leaving his family in profound distress. At 24, he died.

Dennis N. also, Shannon M. Mastronardo of Wayne, Pennsylvania, were his dedicated guardians. He was their most youthful child. On Walk 23, 1988, he was born in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

His family cherished him definitely, and they were exceptionally disheartened by his flight.

Individuals on Shark Tank offered their most profound feelings, accentuating the amount they delighted in getting to know Nardo’s brother. There was no denying the brothers’ closeness, and many individuals regarded their kinship.

The deficiency of KJ has crushed his close family members. Joan Kellett, his maternal grandma who lived in Lord of Prussia, is one of his various aunties, uncles, and cousins.

Remorsefully, his fatherly grandparents, Nicholas and Catherine Mastronardo, and maternal granddad, Lee James Kellett, both died before him.

Examined on KJ Nardo Wiki
24 year-old Keith J. Mastronardo lived in St. Petersburg, Florida. He procured a Four year certification in scientific studies in Business Organization from Neumann College. However, his experience didn’t end there.

In 2009, Keith helped to establish the natural skincare brand Nardo’s Normal with his three brothers, DJ, Kyle, and Danny.

They figured they could send off a beneficial organization by joining their capacities in the wake of finding that every brother had remarkable capacities.

Keith, who has experience with bookkeeping and business, was fundamental for the venture due to his monetary information.

Regardless of his extraordinary love of golf, he remained focused on seeing Nardo’s Normal extend and succeed.

He worked at the select Belleair Nation Club in Belleair, Florida, where he longed for turning into a club proficient, notwithstanding his business tries.