Korra Obidi Said Her Daughters Are Free To Wear Anything They Want

For Nigerian-American artist Korra Obidi, her little girls are allowed to wear anything they need.

The mother of two uncovered this while responding to a fan’s inquiry.


The fan had addressed if the divorced person could concur that her girls dress like her.

“I don’t intend to agitate u, I luv u, however will you concur that your girls wear what you’re wearing?” Answering to him, Korra expressed that her girls can wear anything they desire when they are grown-ups. She added, that any individual who attempts to direct to them their method of dressing will be a ‘egregiously stupid fraud’.

“At the point when they are grown-ups, they can wear anything they desire, and whoever attempts to let them know how to dress will be a horrifyingly silly scalawag. Opportunity of Articulation!”.

Korra Obidi shouts out over authority fight with ex Review that Korra focused on her care fight with her ex.

Through a video she posted on her foundation, she shouted out that her youngsters had been removed for certain days, leaving her wrecked.

In a subsequent post, Korra shouted out for help over ploys to remove her little girls from her.

Taking to virtual entertainment, Korra Obidi guaranteed that they were attempting to remove her children from her.

As indicated by her, her children were been utilized to control her life. Understand here.

Korra Obidi opens up on her pregnancy lost Elsewhere in the world, Korra Obidi had interestingly gotten serious about her pregnancy misfortune.

The artist who got isolated from her unfamiliar spouse, Justin Senior member, early this year, had made another disclosure about her own life.

On her Instagram story, the mother of two shared a photograph of her holding a pregnancy test strip showing positive.

Korra Obidi uncovered through the inscription, that her 5months old little girl ought to have had another more established kin.

This implied that Korra and her ex, Justin had lost a pregnancy before the introduction of Athena. The alienated couple share two girls, June and Anthena Senior member.