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Kouri Richins has been the discussion of the web yet not understandably. She has been blamed for harming her significant other. In this article, we will investigate Kouri Richins Wikipedia.

Kouri Richins is an American creator and realtor who acquired reputation subsequent to being accused of killing her significant other, Eric Richins, by harming him with a deadly portion of fentanyl in Walk 2022.


She distributed a kids’ book named “Are You With Me?” in Walk 2023, which she guaranteed depended on her own insight of adapting to despondency and misfortune.

Notwithstanding, examiners affirm that she killed her significant other for monetary profit and afterward composed the book to conceal her wrongdoing.

Kouri Richins was born in Utah and functioned as a realtor in Park City. Kouri Richins is a writer who composed a kids’ book named “Are You With Me?” about adapting to misery in the wake of losing a friend or family member.

The book, distributed in Walk 2023, was motivated by her own insight of losing her significant other, Eric Richins, who died out of nowhere in Walk 2022.

Nonetheless, in May 2023, Kouri Richins was captured and accused of killing her significant other by harming him with a deadly portion of fentanyl.

As per court reports, Kouri Richins made her better half a Moscow donkey the evening of his demise and carried it to their room, where he drank it and later died.

A dissection uncovered that he had multiple times the deadly measurement of fentanyl in his framework.

Kouri Richins denied any association in her better half’s passing and asserted that she composed the book to assist her three children and different youngsters with managing despondency.

She argued not liable and is anticipating preliminary. She might confront a potential sentence of life in jail without the chance for further appeal whenever sentenced. Her legal advisor didn’t promptly answer demands for input.

Kouri Richins’ total assets is obscure, yet she purportedly got $1 million from her better half’s disaster protection strategy after his demise.

She likewise sold their home for $650,000 and purchased another one for $1.2 million. She showed up on neighborhood television and public broadcasts to advance her book, which sold for $9.99 on Amazon.

She said she trusted the book would assist her children and different youngsters with managing melancholy and track down bliss.

Her book has gotten blended surveys from perusers, some of whom commended it for ameliorating message and others condemned it for being harsh and deceptive.

Kouri Richins had three youngsters with her significant other Eric Richins. There isn’t a lot of data about her youngsters right now. In any case, it is realized that all her three youngsters are young men and no more established than 10.

Kouri Richins was arrested on Monday and blamed for carrying out serious violations.

In particular, she has been accused of one count of first-degree crime exasperated murder and three counts of second-degree lawful offense ownership with expectation to convey a controlled substance.

Kouri Richins was hitched to Eric Richins. They were hitched for a long time. They lived in Kamas, a little mountain town close to Stop City, Utah.

Eric Richins was a worker for hire who claimed his own business, Richins Development. He was 39 years of age when he died.

Kouri Richins is presently having to deal with penalties of killing him by harming his beverage with fentanyl, a strong narcotic.

Kouri Richins purchased fentanyl pills from a colleague two times in February and Walk 2022. She purportedly bound Eric’s beverage with the medication on Walk 3, 2022, and called 911 when she thought that he is lethargic.

He was articulated dead soon after. Specialists found proof that she erased instant messages from the evening of her significant other’s demise and may have attempted to harm him before on Valentine’s Day 2022.

Eric Richins had let a companion know that he accepted his significant other was attempting to harm him after he turned out to be sick and broke out in hives following a supper at their home.