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German writer, Kristina Dunz is moving on the web after her inclusion of the most recent issue in Germany. Dunz has been engaged with news coverage for a long time.

Kristina Dunz is a writer by calling on the German news site. Dunz has been on various syndicated programs, including Markus Lanz, Maybrit Illner, Anne Will, Maischberger, and hart aber fair, as well as the ZDF morning magazine.

Dunz was vice president of the Rheinische Post’s parliamentary office from October 2017 until October 2018, where she was responsible for giving an account of the Chancellery and the CDU.

Kristina has been the delegate top of the article network in Germany’s capital city publication office since January 2021. Holger Möhle, a columnist, is her better half.

Who Is Kristina Dunz Journalist? Wikipedia Facts To Know Kristina Dunz spent a year in Paris in the wake of moving on from secondary school. She studied social studies and French at the University of Bremen from 1987 to 1989.Dunz joined the German Press Agency in 1991 subsequent to finishing an apprenticeship at the Delmenhorster Kreisblatt. She worked in Magdeburg, Hamburg, and Stuttgart.

Kristina joined the German Press Agency as a journalist in 2009 and went with Chancellor Angela Merkel on in excess of 50 visits abroad.

Dunz won the Federal Press Conference Award in 2017 for addressing US President Donald Trump in Washington on his feeling of dread toward press variety.

Kristina came to Berlin in 2000, where she dealt with guard issues for which Die Linke was dependable. She’s been marked the “One Who Annoyed Trump” from that point forward.

Kristina Dunz Kinder And Haree Kristina Dunz is supposed to have a hitched life and Kinder with her companion very much like the vast majority of the partners of her age.

Nonetheless, Kirstina is yet to get hitched and have an everyday existence with kids and a spouse. Then again, she is supposedly dating and is additionally drawn in with her accomplice right now.

Dunz has been the agent top of the article network in Germany’s capital city publication office since January 2021. She is locked in to Holger Möhle, a writer who is likewise her sweetheart.

Both are extraordinarily very much associated and informed about German legislative issues, and their work is exceptionally esteemed in both the media and legislative issues.

Dunz worked for the DPA in various limits, including as the association’s chancellery columnist for a considerable length of time. At the Federal Press Conference, Dunz got the Press Freedom Prize.

Kristina Dunz Net Worth: Find Out Her Salary And Earnings Kristna Dunz got a decent compensation and has a fair total assets that she amassed filling in as a columnist for quite a long time.

Writers in Germany typically make about 4,000 EUR each month overall. Pay rates range from 1,840 EUR to 6,360 EUR for the least paid.

This is the month to month normal compensation, which incorporates lodging, transportation, and different conveniences. Columnist pay might vary on different angles which incorporate insight, abilities, orientation, and area.

The middle regularly scheduled pay for Journalists is 4,320 EUR, and that implies that portion of those utilized as Journalists make under 4,320 EUR, and the other half procure in excess of 4,320 EUR.

Kristina joined the article network Germany as appointee head of the capital city publication group in January 2021 and has stayed there from that point onward.