Kundali Bhagya 26th September 2022 Written Update: Sherlyn asks Rishabh to accept her

Episode starts with Preeta reviews that how Arjun saved her at the sanctuary and how he anticipated thanks from her. She lets Srishti know that they ought to go to Luthra house. Then again, Anjali asks Arjun that how was the gathering. Arjun tells her that it worked out in a good way. She says that first time he went for meeting alone. She requests that he quit lying.

Rishabh asks Preeta that what has been going on with her. Preeta shook her head. He tells her that he realize something annoying her. He requests that she share her concern with him. She lets him know that she met Prithvi at Kavya’s school. She says that she feel like Prithvi followed her. She lets him know that even Arjun was there. He gets stunned hearing her. She asks him that for what good reason he didn’t come to school in the event that his gathering got dropped. He inquires as to whether Arjun told her that gathering got dropped. She gestures at him.


Arjun apologizes to Anjali. She requests that he come clean. He tells her that he had motivation to conceal reality from her. He illuminates her that he discovered that Prithvi is in Kavya’s school. She lets him know that Rishabh resents him as of now.

Rishabh calls Arjun and asks him that while their gathering got dropped. Arjun lets him know that he dropped the gathering. Rishabh lets him know that he discovered that the last option went to Kavya’s school. Arjun lets him know that he discovered that Prithvi is in Kavya’s school and he realize Prithvi is Luthras adversary so he went to class. He lets him know that how he outlined Prithvi. Rishabh says thanks to him. He welcomes him to the tomorrow party and separates the call. Preeta asks him that for what reason he said thanks to Arjun. He tells her that Arjun saved her from Prithvi.

Arjun tells Anjali that Rishabh isn’t angry at him. He says that they will party tomorrow. Following day, Srishti cares for the beautifications. Rishabh comes ground floor. Rakhi gets some information about Preeta. Preeta comes there. Srishti lets Preeta know that she arranged everything for the party. Kavya says that she gave ideas to Srishti. Srishti concurs with her. Rishabh inquires as to whether she is fine. Preeta educates him that she was thinking concerning yesterday school occurrence. Rishabh lets Kavya know that he will drop her at school today. He takes her with him. Rakhi lets Preeta know that the last option looks strained. Preeta tells her that Rishabh dealt with everything.

Rishabh drops Kavya at the school. He holds up there until Kavya goes inside the school. He believes that Kavya is his life. He understands that his telephone got dead yet he needs to settle on a significant decision. He arrives at Sherlyn’s home to get charger. He gets stunned seeing Sherlyn there. She believes that she is frantic to leave Rishabh for Prithvi.

She lets him know that she miss him still. She says that Preeta in the middle between them. He cautions her to not take Preeta’s name. He tells her that she can’t comprehend that what is Preeta for him. She requests that he acknowledge her. He shouts at her. He says that she didn’t change by any stretch of the imagination. She lets him know that he will lose Preeta. He leaves from that point.

Episode closes. Episode starts with Preeta inquires as to whether he said something. Arjun advises her that she needs to say thanks to him. She lets him know that he can come to house assuming he needs. He tells her that he has a significant gathering so he needs to leave. She goes into the house. Beeji and Janki gets blissful seeing Preeta. Srishti says that she don’t seek extraordinary treatment like Preeta. Preeta requests that she acknowledge that they cherishes her the most. Srishti sees her saree and she gets some information about it.

Preeta enlightens them regarding fire mishap. She opens the entryway hearing entryway thumping sound. She gets astonished seeing Arjun there. She asks him that what is he doing there. He tells her that he have something to tell. He shoves her to the side. He meets everybody. Preeta goes to make tea for everybody. He reviews the minutes he imparted to her ( Sunle goodness mahiya tune plays behind the scenes ). Beeji requests that Arjun sit. She advises Srishti to help Preeta yet the last option denies.

In the police headquarters, Prithvi asks legal advisor that for what good reason the last option helped him. Legal counselor lets him know that it seems as though they met previously. Prithvi lets him know that, that is unrealistic. Sherlyn comes there. Prithvi acquaints Sherlyn with attorney. He tells her that now all will be well. Sherlyn turns his hand. He asks her that what’s happening with she. She reprimands him for his bad behavior. He asks her that how might she imagine that he did that.

She lets him know that police assessor told her beginning and end. He tells her that Arjun is behind everything. He says that he lost his telephone. She lets him know that she won’t confide in him. She requests that he decay there for what he did and leaves from that point. He shouts that why she came in the event that she didn’t organize bail for him then, at that point. He discusses Karan and Preeta. Attorney discusses Preeta and Rishabh’s marriage. Prithvi asks him that how the last option knows Luthras.