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Kurt Werner Wichmann was a German chronic executioner who has killed many individuals up to his demise in 1993. He is answerable for the Göhrde Murders; it was two twofold homicides in summer 1989.

This case has caused a hair-raising all through Germany and is additionally viewed as an awesome criminal case. Two couples were killed in the backwoods inside two weeks a good ways off of 100 meters.


Kurt Werner Wichmann was exceptionally near his brother Mr. Wichmann.

His brother’s names and subtleties are not referenced especially on the web, yet he may know what his brother has been doing.

Born 1949

Adendorf, West Germany
Died 25 April 1993 (aged 43–44)

Heimsheim, Germany
Cause of death Suicide by hanging
Conviction(s) None
Criminal penalty None

Kurt has made a mysterious room behind a soundproof entryway where Kurt and his brother can enter. He has put away two little type rifles, a gas gun, immobilizers, blood-stained binds, sedatives, and dozing pills in that room.

At the point when Kurt’s home was looked, the two brothers got away. In any case, he was subsequently captured in the wake of being associated with a fender bender. He composed a letter to his brother and spouse from the jail saying-clean the rooftop drain however do it cautiously.

Kurt Werner Wichmann was hitched to his lovely spouse, Alice Wichmann.

His significant other and brother both had known his assignment, and Alice, his better half, has saved him commonly from being cuffed she has likewise been his bogus vindication.

Birgit Meier vanished on the fourteenth of August in 1989, and on the examination, police tracked down her connection with Kurt Werner Wichmann. From that point onward, he was grilled, yet the doubt was made bogus because of his significant other, a bogus plausible excuse.

The self destruction note which he sent before his demise was for his significant other and brother.

Kurt Werner Wichmann is dead, and for his 2021 update, he is not any more in this world.

He suicides by hanging after police got him in an auto crash. Following ten days of his capture, he composed a self destruction note and transformed himself into a jail cell.

Regardless of his demise, his work is as yet talked about in Germany and numerous different areas of the planet. He has submitted some fierce killings, and a few cases are as yet not demonstrated.

He was humane in killing, and Birgit Meier and Göhrde Murders were among the top killing situations where he was involved.