Landon Barker Reveals He Won’t Be Following His Girlfriend Charli D’Amelio’s Footsteps on ”DWTS’ ‘

Landon Barker will not be flaunting his continues on Hitting the dance floor with the Stars like his sweetheart Charli D’Amelio.

Charli,18, is at present seeking the sought after Mirrorball Prize on season 31 of DWTS, which debuted on Disney+ in September.

Inquired as to whether he anticipates sticking to this same pattern and contending in the ritzy show, Landon, 19, told E! News, “Hard no.”

He added, “I’m not exactly the artist.” In any case, he made it clear he’s supporting his better half.

“I feel that Charli works such a great amount on the show and she’s so devoted, and truly places her beginning and end into the show and hasn’t eased off of it,” he told the power source, adding, “She’s truly striving to contend on the show and she’s truly putting forth a valiant effort and I’m very glad for her and I trust that she has all the accomplishment on the show.”

The child of Flicker 182 drummer Travis Barker, 47, likewise isn’t underrating the endeavors put into the show.

“It’s certainly difficult. They’re difficult dance schedules that she’s learning each and every week,” Landon proceeded.

Landon, alongside his father and stepmom Kourtney Kardashian, 43, as of late upheld Charli and sat first column during week 3 of DWTS. Charli later admitted she had additional butterflies with Travis and Kardashian in the audience, telling Diversion This evening, “I believe it’s so good to have my loved ones here to help me. It most certainly implies a great deal.”

Added the truth star: “I do whatever it takes not to take a gander at them while I’m performing, since it makes me apprehensive. However, it generally feels better to see them later, and simply get to converse with them, and have them see me accomplish something I’m having loads of good times doing. They never get to see me dance! So it’s loads of tomfoolery.”

Individuals found Charli’s mother, Heidi D’Amelio — who is additionally contending on the series — after week 3’s show the month before. She shared more about the D’Amelio family’s association with the Barkers, now that Charli and Landon are openly dating.

“We’ve draped out two or multiple times right at occasions and they’re really sweet, so it was pleasant of them to drop by and support Charli and me in a method of some kind,” Heidi, 50, said of Kourtney and Travis. “They’re really sweet.” She added, “This is truly amusing to have them here.”