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He is a well known Swedish sketch artist who has been on the police assurance since 2007 as a result of a contention. His abrupt end has created a commotion on the Internet while leaving certain individuals suspicious.

News reports guaranteed that it was Lars Vilk accomplice who affirmed his passing yet it is as yet not known whether she is his fru. Fru implies spouse in the Swedish language.

There are no insights concerning his accomplice on the Internet. In any case, he as a craftsman had been encircled by debate for longer than 10 years at this point.

Lars Endel Roger Vilks Lanat

20 June 1946

Helsingborg, Sweden
Died 3 October 2021 (aged 75)

Markaryd, Sweden
Known for Conceptual art
Notable work
Nimis (1980)
Arx (1991)
Muhammad drawings (2007)

He had been living under police security after his sketch of Prophet Mohammad with a canine’s head was advanced in 2007. It clearly annoyed individuals who follow the Prophet that at last brought about inviting demise dangers from the sketch artist.

It isn’t simply passing dangers yet he likewise got away from two bombed murder endeavors during this load of times. He was known outside of his country for his Prophet’s drawing.

Notwithstanding, at home in Sweden, he was well known for building a model made of driftwood in a nature save in southern Sweden without consent, setting off an extensive fight in court.

His profession has been brimming with debate and presently he has unfortunately died due to a car accident according to the police reports.

Lars Vilks is said to have died in a fender bender. The Swedish news organization TT said that the police has asserted that the craftsman, age 75, was going in a non military personnel squad car with two cops when a truck crashed into them and burst into flames on Sunday evening outside Markayard.

It is said that the two officials who were going with him has likewise supposedly died in the mishap however the transporter is taken to the emergency clinic. The top of the territorial examination unit answerable for police security told that it was a sad occurrence and discover what caused the crash.

Beforehand, when his questionable drawing was delivered, an al-Qaida group in Iraq in light of it put a $100,000 abundance on his head. Moreover, in 2013, a lady named Jihad Jane was condemned to 10 years of jail for plotting to kill him.

There are no insights regarding Lars Vilks family on the web. It appears he has held his family data away from view to guard the nearby ones since he was being focused on for longer than 10 years at this point.