Laura Ackerson Murder Case Update- What Happened To Her?


Laura Ackerson lost her life after she went to pick put her two children from her ex-accomplice’s loft in July 2011. Her ex-accomplice dissected her body parts and unloaded them in a rivulet.

Laura was a guiltless lady from Kinston, North Carolina. She was a cordial nature individual and had a decent connection with her companion and family. She used to work in the marketing business and lived in Kinston, North Carolina.

Specifically, she was awesome at her work, and her associates appreciated her work. Notwithstanding, her collaborators saw her nonattendance for a couple of days. Individuals saw her on July 13, 2011, once and for all.

Further, she dropped her kids at Grant’s condo in Raleigh, North Carolina. She should return in no less than two days, however she won’t ever come. The examination tracked down her vehicle in an apartment building in Raleigh following seven days of her vanishing, where she used to reside with Grant.

Laura Ackerson Death-What Happened To Her? Laura Ackerson was dead as the Investigating group found her remaining parts following eleven days on July 24, 2011, in a Creek near Richmond, Texas. Specifically, the killer eviscerated her body parts and dissipated them in the water.

As indicated by exploring group, the killer utilized a boat to dump the body parts. Specifically, she went to Grant’s condo to accept her kids, yet Grant and his better half killed her and eviscerated her body utilizing a power saw.

Further, they put her body in coolers and attempted to disintegrate her remaining parts in muriatic corrosive. They left her body parts in a stream trusting gators would eat them. In any case, the police force captured them subsequent to finding body parts.

Laura Ackerson Children and Family Laura Ackerson was a caring mother of two charming children. Specifically, she was in a close connection with Grant Hayes, where she brought forth two children from that relationship. In any case, they isolated because of Grant’s oppressive nature.

Specifically, Grant went to police care for north of a year in regards to their two youngsters’ question. Then again, Grant wedded his better half, Amanda Smith Hayes, in April 2010. In any case, two children were remaining with her, and they used to visit Grant frequently.

Where Could Amanda And Grant Hayes Now be? Award has been serving at the Caledonia Correctional Institution in Halifax County, North Carolina, and Amanda has been imprisoned in the Anson Correctional Institution for ladies in Polkton, North Carolina.

Award argued not liable to the wrongdoing in that frame of mind on August 26, 2013, yet the court reported him at fault for first-degree murder on September 16, 2013. Further, Grant got condemned to life in jail without any chance to appeal.

Then again, Amanda got indicted for second-degree murder on Febuary 19, 2014. The court condemned her to 16 years in jail for homicide allegations and 20 years in Texas for altering proof.