Laura Dern Recognized by a Taylor Swift Fan During a ‘Jurassic Park’ Tour After ‘Bejeweled’ Video

Swifties have authoritatively found Laura Dern. The Foundation Grant victor, 55, shared a clever encounter after a fan on a Jurassic Park visit perceived her for her appearance in Taylor Quick’s “Bejeweled” music video, as she showed up keep going week on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“At the point when you do it, it’s this astounding, segregated insight of this pleasant day with your companion,” Dern made sense of making the video, prior to reviewing an excursion she took to a companion’s natural homestead in Oahu, where she recorded the first Jurassic Park (1993).

She described, “I was emerging from their ranch, and there’s a directed visit through ‘the sights of Jurassic Park’ with just the right amount of sign expressing ‘Welcome to Jurassic Park.’

And as I was post-ocean side and seeing our companions, we’re getting in the vehicle, and I’m standing directly before the sign, and here comes a gathering.”

“This young lady comes approaching me and says, ‘Goodness, my god! Goodness, my god!’ I was very much like…

‘I simply need to be with my family, we should not do an entire Jurassic Park [thing],'” said Dern. “She goes, ‘Would you confirm or deny that you are the young lady in the Taylor Quick video?'”

Dern said the experience “was astounding,” noticing that she obliged the fan with a selfie, which they took before the sign. The Jurassic World Territory entertainer likewise went on and on about working with Quick, 33, who coordinated the video and played Cinderella, inverse Dern as the malevolent stepmother and Haim as the stepsisters.

“Taylor asked me, and it seemed like such a unimaginable time,” Dern said. “Furthermore, I was stunned by what an extraordinary movie producer she is, the way pre-arranged she was, the means by which improvisational and fun it was. I had a great time. In this way, it was astonishing.”

Quick recently kidded that she got Dern to show up in the video by telling her she composed a one-scene script in which the Big Little Lies alum would get to consider her a “drained, tasteless vixen,” as she showed up on The This evening Show Featuring Jimmy Fallon in October.

“Also, she was like, ‘I’m down,'” Quick said. “She’s the coolest, she’s so interesting.”